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Donna Segelken - Hey gal. Love your photos and stories as always. I have your happy puppy and two other photos I purchased, up in my house along with stuff Ive done. Id love to get 2 calendars and if you do Paypal, woot! Let me know.

Rog - Illona, can I paypal you some $ to get one? Didn’t see a “purchase one here form”

andrea - picking a bunch up at the humane society on sunday! again…the photos are just wonderful, illona!

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Julie Miller - I’m sure you receive countless compliments on your photography. You are amazing! I would love to have just a smidge of your talent behind the lens.

A number of years ago on Flickr – I clicked, stumbled and fell in love with a photo of your Morley (standing in the leaves wearing his coat & little boots). Whenever I’m feeling blue, I just pull up your Facebook page & scroll my way to a lighter heart.

Thank you for all the hours of enjoyment you have given to me.

Kathleen - I love your blogs. You really capture the personality of each one. Excellent photography.

Janet - I’m glad it’s working! Here’s to many subscriptions!

those red dogs again

you met them here first, now see them again! those crazy red dogs Jake and Diesel …




these crazy dogs belong to trainer Diane Holmes of Holmes on Hounds in Toronto.


with a full shoot in Toronto a couple of weeks ago, you’re probably wondering why you’re seeing them again.  well, this was a first for me … the first time that i wasn’t completely satisfied with the images shot during a session.  mind you, the finished images from that first shoot turned out better than i’d initially anticipated they would when i first previewed the images after the shoot, and Diane was thrilled with the results from that first shoot … but i knew the true potential of these wild and gorgeous dogs.




when shooting in Toronto, the park was crowded because of the last warm weather of the season … kids, dogs, walkers, and gawkers … sometimes the dogs were distracted, other times bystanders were getting into the frame. the light was also extremely harsh, with long sharp shadows cast everywhere by the leafless trees.  so … i invited Diane to my neck of the woods for a second session because i happen to think ‘my turf’ is pretty fantastic.


… especially for red dogs.



of course, the downfall of doing this second shoot is that now Diane has a HUGE number of images she has to sort through and choose from!  i know i didn’t make it easy for her.


the red dogs thoroughly enjoyed their outing in spite of a long hike in the morning before the shoot!  lots of rough-housing …


and rolling …


and team-sniffing.


and when that Diesel girl gets her crazy on, she sure can rip!


thanks, Diane, and thanks Jake and Diesel for an absolutely fabulous second shoot!



moonflower - the butt bite is awesome!!! :O)

Liz - Beautiful work once again – I know she’ll love them!

Frank - Leave it to you to reach “full potential”. Amazing as always!!

Marci - Yep, definitely RR mixes. They even “play” the same way. ROUGH!
Gorgeous photos. First shoot was great but this one is really special!

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