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big lug riley ~ {Guelph, Ontario pet photographer}

you met this big boy Riley in his sneak attack … er … peek with his sister Stella, and saw him again in their bedroom series.  i decided to give Riley and Stella each their own blog entry because we had such a fun shoot, with such great settings, and too many photos to share.  so first up is 3-year-old Riley …

we actually started indoors for our shoot … get some home shots in before getting all wet and dirty at the quarry.  and owner Allison did a super job of tiring these two out before our shoot, taking them out for a good hike and then a vigorous visit with 4-legger friends after.  so these two were calm and willing models from the get-go, as you’ll see from their bedroom series.

at the quarry, i was so happy to see an entire hill of this knee-high grass, already dead and dried … the perfect backdrop, especially for a black dog.

also at the quarry is an old abandoned weigh scale … the rusted platform made an awesome backdrop.

but, of course,  the main reason you go to the quarry is for the water …

i’m told Riley’s not as into the water as his lab sister Stella, but he was still willing to get in there and fetch a stick or two.

of course, every high-energy dog needs to cool his engines at some point … flaps up …

back at home we snagged the last few rays of daylight and the brick of the garage wall for Riley’s Scooby-doo impression …

thanks for being such an awesome model, Riley.  you were fab!

and stay tuned for Stella’s fabulous blog entry next …


Rebecca Nash - Wow…some fantastic shots! I love the way you have captured the dogs and just enough of the details of the background to add depth without overpowering the presence and character of the dogs. Fantastic!

Margaret - Great pictures; handsome dog! and I’m looking forward to Stella’s pics, too! 🙂

jennifer metzger - Oh how I love love love #250. Awesome (and lucky you, it was cloudy for the black dog)!

marjo - Gazing lovingly at the ‘scruffy dog’ watermark … extraordinary!!!

Dominique - Flaps up is too adorable! He is the king of that “pleeeezzzzee” look isn’t he. What great shots, and I love the black and white one!

hello gorgeous - loving this post….this is the dog I think looks like ours {commented on Facebook}….but not sure of the “mix” breeding of ours….

Love all the shots….my FAV is the first “eye” shot with your reflection ~ that’s just STUNNING!

Love the “flaps up” too ~ but quite frankly he is a little cutie ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Jill - Beautiful photos. As always, they brought a big smile to my face….almost as big as Stella & Riley’s smiles. 🙂

Deb - gorgeous pups. love the flaps up, adorable white chin and teeth. 🙂

poodles gone wild ~ {Hamilton, Ontario dog photographer}

you’ve seen these two wild and zany characters in their sneak peek, and some of you will remember little Scout’s smile … well, it’s about time i got a proper blog entry up for them to show that although these two toy poodles are high energy and pretty much never stopped during our entire shoot, they were able to sit … briefly.  so here’s Tush and his younger brother Scout …

but like i said, “stillness” with these these two, especially younger brother Scout – dressed dashingly in apricot – is a fleeting concept.  there was dancing …

… and flying …

… and full-out running.

of course, Tush was no slouch himself …

he’s got more moves than you can shake a stick at.

… even when his younger brother interferes with his best moves.

and as talented as these boys are physically, they’ve got the pipes to match …

all within a short distance of Scout and Tush’s home we found a good variety of backdrops, including the neighbor’s barn and a small field.

but no matter where we were, these two were almost constantly a blur.

even at home, these two were still full of giddy-up.  it only looks like they settled down on the bed in the spare room.

but i be willing to bet the contents of my camera bag that these two little dollfaces were fast asleep two minutes after the scruffy dog mobile pulled out of their drive, and no doubt slept soundly all night!  thanks, Tush and Scout, for a wild time, for the little dance across my back, and for the ear-piercing music … and thanks, Cathy, for sharing your beautiful boys.  i hope you enjoy your boys’ gallery.


Sonja - I am a HUGE small toy dog lover – these two just made me laugh and smile …. maybe when I am next in the Kleinburg area (about twice a year) I should get a shoot done of my Montecristo – a logn hair Chihuahua you will melt for … I promise! (I am in Ottawa)

Jackie - The action shots where they are jumping are hilarious. Sweet pups!

leesia - these two guys are hilarious!! those vertical leaps are crazy.

jd - These 2 look like an adorable hand full! Super, super shots! Gave me a smile this morning!

Holly Garner-Jackson - Wow! If we could only harness all that energy!!! That must have been a very fast paced shoot.
Great job, illona!

Lori E. - oh my GOD how cute is that little smile? I couldn’t stop laughing at the the mid-air pileup as well. Wonderful photos!

hello gorgeous - oooo, I LOVE these two! How CUTE are they? Love the dancing….and the singing……and the posing! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Lori - what a coupla’ characters!
great shots of them!

Annie Kinmond - wonderful, precious shots of 2 wee charachters! I just love every capture. Both look like so much fun to be around. Thanks for sharing:)

[MogI] - Wow, Ilona what a great series. I keep being amazed at how you do it. Every photo is a jewel on its own. But I especially love the outdoor photos where these two guys go insane. Where were you positioned when doing the shoot… somewhere on the ground? Wonderfull!

Marla - Just an awesome shoot, Illona. They really make me smile!

Margaret - These two can surely fly! Tush looks like he’s 3 feet off the ground in one shot! Amazing LittleDogs! Also… beautiful spare bed and linens. I’m sure the boys would never get it dirty. 😉

perpetual puppy riley ~ sneak peek ~ {Toronto dog photographer}

i had the distinct pleasure of spending the afternoon with 16 year old puppy Riley and his people yesterday …

you’ll be seeing more of Riley’s shoot soon.


Riley's mom - The shoot was amazingly fun. Riley was totally ‘juiced’ by Illona and would do just about anything for one of her liver treats! She captured who he truly is in just this one photo; can’t wait to see all the other pics! Thank you Illona! (Big thank you to Kevin too for turning us on to Scruffy Dog Photography.)

Riley's mom - The shoot was amazingly fun. Riley was totally ‘juiced’ by Illona and would do just about anything for one of her liver treats! She captured who he truly is in this one photo; can’t wait to see all the other pics! Thank you Illona! (Big thank you to Kevin too for turning us on to Scruffy Dog Photography.)

Holly Garner-Jackson - Riley looks like he’s full of energy for 16 year old! What a sweetie pie!

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