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here’s baby boy Sal ~ {Waterloo, Ontario dog photographer}

i love this boy …

of course, he’s not so “little” any more.  they grow up so quickly.

Sal belongs to Becky of Grooming with Finesse and is big brother to the three girls: Cee Cee, Viva, and Sofie. you met them from their earlier shoot.  and since their shoot incorporated the red caboose down at Waterloo Park we decided to take young Sal down there as well.

ah, so regal and proud, posing by the lake …

… or not.

Sal sure loves his big pink stuffie … racing around the park with it …

and posing with mom.

and then to the caboose for poses.  and no, we don’t beat the dogs first.  😉   i think Sal heard a sound on the platform behind him when i released the shutter and i liked his expression here.

more sounds …

thanks, Becky, for introducing me to your wonderful boy … he’s such a charmer.  i can’t wait to shoot the big lug as an adult.


Ruth - Stunning! Is he an APBT or a Cane Corso?

Jamie - gorgeous dog and gorgeous photos! 🙂

sarah - omg that is THE best “shaking” photo I’ve ever seen. His eyes!!

Holly Garner-Jackson - What a gentle brute you have there! Love the BW of him looking down. Got any shot of him with the girls? Can’t wait for his big boy session!

Becky Misener - Amazing. you captured some beauties. I love them all, now for the hard part, checking out the rest of them and making choices.

Thanks again Illona

marlesghillie - Superb looking dog (but what happened to his ears???)

Nicole Mlakar - Love this shoot. Perfect lighting and fantastic dog.

the hounds of the Caledon Inn ~ {Caledon, Ontario pet photographer}

well, okay … technically, not hounds … but run into these two on one of the meandering paths along the lovely grounds surrounding the well-known Caledon Inn in the dead of night, and you might not care whether they were hounds or not …

seriously though, they’re just two big lugs who would be more prone to strip-search you for treats and then lick you to death — meet Shoez and Sox.

that’s Sox on the right, and young brother Shoez sitting on the left.  now, i have to admit — although i’m generally considered one of the sharper blades in the knife block on any given day of the week — this one got by me.  maybe it’s the new migraine meds i’m taking.   but when someone tells me their dog’s name is “Sox”, well, i’m thinking they’re rootin’ for a team in Boston, see?  and when i was given the second dog’s name as Shoez, i read it as Show-ez.  not that i had any inkling what a “show-ez” is or could possibly mean, but show-ez it was.  … probably some native Indian reference connected to the land the Caledon Inn was built on, who knows?

well, nope.  the joke was on me.  because here you have Ms. “socks” and young mr. “shoes“.  and as owner Deanna says, you can never have just one or two newfs, and she’s pretty sure her third will be named Sneaks … or some spelling variation thereof.  but i’ll be ready next time.  yessir!

these two were a lot of fun … big, squishy, black, huggable bear-sized beasts …

but they sure had a mind of their own when it came to their photo shoot.  attention span? what attention span?

although, with the right snacks … and yes, that Sox’s own slobber on her face.

once on the grounds, these two were true adventurers … no corner of the acreage was left unexplored …

and then of course, my favorite shots of the day … the orange shed.  you’ll remember it from the sneak peek of Sox earlier in the blog.  here’s the little gooberhead Shoez in front of the shed …

and his sister again …

then back to the Inn …

and yet another orange wall … i just love these guys on these colors, especially with the color of Sox’s eyes.

and a little rough-housing …

thanks, Deanna, for introducing me to your two big lugs.  and thanks, Sox and Show-ez (i swear, i still pronounce it that way!), for a lovely afternoon in Caledon.  i think, for the record, that a future brother should be named Bewtz.  🙂  … but i’ll just call him Cowboy for short.


Holly Garner-Jackson - Don’t know how I missed these beauties! Must have been my dialup! Awesome work, illona! I loved the END!

DeeDee - Fabulous series! Not only gorgeous shots but you captured the personalities perfectly.

Tula Verusca - Ohhhhhh quantas fotos MARAAVILHOSAs!!!!!

Penny - This is truly a spectacular session! Oh my goodness I could just eat them both up they are so cute. You really captured the essence of these two beauties. I almost melted at the Sox’s squinty eye shot. The exposure you so expertly managed here is superior! Bravo.

Lori E. - I love Landseer Newfies! You did a great job capturing these beauties. Love the shot where they’re laying in opposite directions.

kate - what fantastic names. i also vote for bewtz. those head shots with the eyes are my favorites.

Delwyn - Beautiful by far and my favorite dog. I can now just come back and dream and dream that I have one of my own.

Marcia Aguiar - love their names! they are both gorgeous but Sox is my favorite.

jennifer metzger - love 218 (the black and white one) and 423. These guys crack me up, they are the complete opposites of my boy. I can’t even imagine having dogs that laid back! 🙂 Great shoot.

marlesghillie - Really great set of shots of two beautiful dogs. Particularly like the last one as they head off into the sunset

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