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kiera – love this girl!

meet doodle Kiera …


you’ve already met her in her sneak peek, but here she is in all her scruffy glory.



for having severe hip dispylsia, this wild girl can move.


on a gorgeous november afternoon, we had a splendid walk out in Elmira. i love when clients find awesome locations with a variety of backdrops, from grasses …


to a beach …


and forest paths …


and lots of room to run.


i loved working with Kiera and her mom, Karen … lots of great conversation and a most accommodating model.



she only pretends to be bashful.


Karen and Kiera make an awesome team …


even when Kiera was modeling for me and lavishing me with all that scruffy love, she still kept an eye on mom.


and the little beach was fantastic … one of my favorite backdrops, where dogs can really be dogs …





just a  fun-loving, easy-going girl …






thanks, Karen and Kiera, for a fabulous afternoon.  i hope you enjoy your images.



tee4tia - these are stunning images. if it weren’t for the mileage, how I would love for you to photograph my spoos. Maybe one day.

nick - Whoa a beautifully scruffy session indeed :D SCruffy dogs + shaking = awesome haha

illona - thank you so much, everyone, for your visits and comments. this girl is still very much on my mind … such a wonderful dog.

[MoGi] - What an awesome shoot Ilona! I just love how you’ve captured the intense bond between kiera and karen, but the photos are all so incredibly well shot.I bow my head.

andrea - such beautiful shots…love the colours and tones! the close-up of her eye is stunning! great job as usual, illona. :)

Christina - Elbow out with the piano in the background. Priceless! What a beauty!

Margaret - YOu’d sure never know about the hip dysplasia. What a wonderful set of pictures, and a wonderful dog!!! She and her person obviously adore one another. :)

Anda - WOW Illona – these are amazing! I love the one where Kiera’s sitting on the hardwood floor in the house, the tones and light are fabulous! And the walk in the forest next to Karen – wow!

You are such an inspiration for all of us who love to photograph our canine companions.

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diesel and jake

meet diesel and jake …


… reddog sidekicks of trainer Diane Holmes of  Holmes on Hounds.   That’s Diesel girl on the left whispering sweet nothings into younger brother Jake’s ear.






the thing about Diesel and Jake is that they know how to have fun … especially with Jake as the instigator …



Diane is a Certified Educator Trainer, taking her classes to the streets of Toronto and teaching people how to manage their dogs in the real world — Street Safety Training — something i’ve always been a huge advocate of, seven years ago starting up my own training-in-the-park group that met weekly to expose our dogs to various challenges and obstacles outside of a controlled (and often boring for the dog) training facility.  anyone with a challenging dog or seeking an avenue to deepen their bond with their dog should definitely try out this kind of group class.


so, inkeeping with Diane’s approach we thoroughly enjoyed the park on one of the last warm days of November.


if Diesel is the sweetheart …


… Jake is the goofball of the family …


and a consummate athlete.


although Diesel-girl had a few moves of her own …



fortunately these guys also knew how to chill out.



and check out Jake’s form … he actually lies like this.  part cat, perhaps? :)





then back home for a few indoor shots … don’t take Jake’s expression as any kind of statement on his part.  he enjoyed the attention.


and Diesel was simply gorgeous no matter what the light …


i loved Jake’s twisty feet …


… and Diesel’s eyes …


thanks, Diesel and Jake, and thanks, Diane, for a wonderful afternoon.  see you soon at your add-on shoot!



diane - Illona is right – the second set of shots are spectacular. It truly is a testament to the quality of Illona’s work. I was thrilled with the first set, the second set are STUNNING – now I have to CHOOSE!! Thanks for making it a difficult task! :-)

Liz - and by post these on FB, I meant a link to your blog :)

Liz - I saw Diane post these on Facebook after the shoot and she was so thrilled!

illona - thanks again, everyone, for your visits and comments. i’ll admit that i honestly wasn’t pleased with this shoot … the light was harsh, the park was crowded … nowhere near the kinds of shots i’d hoped for.

mind you, after doing lots of processing, i think it turned out better than i’d originally thought, but still, i’m all about “getting the best”, not just “good enough” … i live by high standards. SO, in spite of Diane’s excitement over these images, i had her come out to scruffy dog territory a week later for a make-up shoot … and THOSE images rock. i’ll post them very soon.

of course, this leaves Diane with an incredibly difficult task of choosing from TWO full galleries of images. :)

diane - marci – they’re both rescues (unrelated to each other) and we were told they were each some kind of hound mix. But I see RR in them as well! Well, mostly just around the head – they have long bodies and short legs! They have so much fun together – we couldn’t have found 2 dogs who are better matched.

Marci - Loved this! Are they RR mixes? Looks like they have a wonderful life together. Gorgeous photos.

Jean - Absolutely spectacular session of these two who are so full of character.

Hey I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who wears a leash instead of holding on with hands. The freedom to have two free hands is amazing and so is the control. When I see people who can barely hang on to their lunging, snarling dogs it freaks me out.

Lesley Sullivan - Super cool pics! I wish you were closer to my neck of the woods. Dogs are not easy o photograph coz they move so quick. Keep the great work up! :)

illona - thanks, guys. glad you like ‘em, diane. see you tomorrow!

nick, ALL my sessions are long. i’ve yet to have a single session under three hours. well, one not-so-cooperative cat had me leaving after two hours … but dogs, no way.

nick - Whoa looks like it was a long session :D Awesome job with those two indeed/

diane - I’m so thrilled with Illona’s work, and these shots are beautiful! I can’t wait to see them up on my walls! Illona – I loved your passion, your commitment to quality and attention to detail. Thank you so much!

Margaret - Gorgeous red dogs!!! and lovely, lovely pictures of them, Illona!!!

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