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don’t readjust your cute meters … ~ {Cambridge dog photographer}

what better way to get through hump-day than a whole pack of puppies?  and these puppies are so seriously cute they’ll utterly busticate even the most advanced of cute meters on the market.


these … er … little nibblets are from a litter of nine from great pyrenees Oriana


seriously now, how adorable are these guys?



we decided that the best time to book these little terrors was early morning while the yard was in shade versus glaring sun, and also not too hot for the pups yet.


still, we needed a cooling-off period … water all around … which meant very messy puppies.  but even with all the wet and muck, they’re still pretty darn cute, aren’t they?



just don’t ask me their names.  i have no clue!  i don’t know how Sue tells them apart, but she does.  i only hope that i managed to get a good array of photos of each puppy!




puppies are always fun, but never easy to shoot.  and a whole pack of puppies, well, this was certainly an experience.








i can’t even tell most of them apart, but i do know that this flower-sniffing guy here is Big Boy, and he’s staying with Sue and her other Pyrs.






i’ll post Sue’s adult Pyrs in a later blog entry.  just wanted to brighten everyone’s mid-week with a good dose of cute.


i hope you enjoy all the images, Sue.  i know i haven’t made your selection process easy with such a huge client gallery … blame Oriana for having such a huge litter of cuties.


Sandy & Ryker - A dirty puppy is a happy puppy. This shoot it to cute for words!

Lost in Scotland - Talk about getting your puppy fix for the day…you have the greatest job…

Jackie - Oh. My. God. Cutest puppies ever.

Jodi - OMG, I think I’m going to keel over from the cuteness. such fabulous shots

ciscolo - Oh …the cuteness…Each and every shot is precious.

liz hietkamp - LOVE these! wet puppies on a warm summer day…can it get any better?

Holly Garner-Jackson - You certainly brightened my Friday. These are great. PUPPIES!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!
Hard to choose a favorite they are all so good!

kelli - love em all, but the group shot… three from the end… that’s pick of the litter!!! follow the leader puppies! what a fun bunch of photos, and such cute pups. they look like little polar bears with panda bear faces.

xana - Adorable little ones. Lovely shots.

lulu - LOOOOOVE!!!! I’m in cuteness overload.

Tatyana - oh my goodness! I bet Sue had a lot of fun cleaning up those dirty fluffers 😛 So friggin cute though.

Also shot #255 looks like a polar bear. totally.

Kamala - Oh Dear…. very cute indeed. I am convinced one of them is 75% panda.

Marla - Oh, these are adorable and you managed to get some super, super shots!

Vicky (tv writer) - Is it possible to overdose on cuteness?
These are so amazing, I can’t stop smiling.
Beautiful collection.

bublynski - Unbelievable cuteness!!! How could you even stop grinning and laughing long enough to hold the camera steady?

But you did – and did you ever! These are brilliant shots, all of them. I’d have been lucky to get even one in focus, but you’ve captured these little nubbins perfectly!

tv wri - Is it possible to overdose on cuteness?!!
These are so amazing, I can’t stop smiling!
Beautiful collection.

tee4tia - OMD, i’m smiling here. they are so adorable, I want to put one in my mouth :0)

Jean (allegrolhw) - Awwwww I waaaaant one. Thanks for the smiles, chuckles, and outbursts of laughter experienced on this end.

Márcia Aguiar - OMG, this is more cuteness than I can bear. They are all adorable and I keep thinking of their delicious puppy breath. I love all the pictures but specially love that big fatty butt at the gate.

Roger - And the sweet thing about pyr puppies??? They grow up to be the sweetest dogs in the world!

Margaret - OH dear, this is just an OVERLOAD of cute!!! A little water and dirt canNOT diminish the cute that is these Pyr puppies!!! Thanks for brightening my morning Illona!!!

Stacey Morrison - How did you not take one home?! So adorable!

Sarah McGraw - They are too stinkin’ cute!!! Love the one with the pack running toward you! How did you not *accidentally* put one in your bag on the way out?!?

Annie Kinmond - OMG, OMG, OMG!!! My heart is melting…;)

… and cats, when we have to. ~ {Kitchener-Waterloo pet photographer}

it’s almost our motto here at scruffy dog — “… where all we shoot is dogs … and cats when we have to” — accompanied by a roll of the eyes to emphasize the humor.  yes, cats can be difficult … not as easily manipulated as dogs, not as quick to gobble down treats or become enchanted with a new squeakie, and no matter how giddy you make your voice their level of disdain will only deepen.  so the approach must be different … it must be calm and respectful, geared to the individual cat’s own pace … it must be accommodating of their sense of personal space, and, as with dogs, never forceful.

this month i had several cat clients, so over the course of the next week i thought i’d share a few of them with you to show you the drastic difference that can be found in feline subjects.

first we have Tigger …


… and yes, this is how i initially met Tigger — crashed out across the back of the sofa … or maybe that’s his sofa?   in fact, when mom, Christine, greeted me at the door her voice was hushed as she informed me: “he’s still down for his nap.” at first i thought she was referring to a wee two-legger she must have tucked away inside in one of the upstairs bedrooms and we should proceed quietly.  but no, she was referring to none other than Tigger.  and down-for-his-nap he was!  truth be told, “utterly immovable” might have been a better description.


in fact, Christine had a couple of small paintings hanging over the couch directly above Tigger which I asked her to move to declutter the images.  and in spite of the bustle of the quick redecoration and the clacking of the camera’s shutter, this was about all the reaction we received.  only after a few pokes and a stroke on the head was i able to assure myself that there was indeed life.


once carried to the back yard — because walking would be far too much effort for this groggy boy — Tigger seemed to waken enough for his session.  well, sort of.   i admit, i felt a kindred spirit in Tigger — needing that extra time to wake up after a good nap.


and when he did finally wake, it seemed like he realized for the first time that he had company.


Tigger and his other cat housemates have a fabulous set up … a gorgeous, landscaped back yard with a secure fence, topped with high netting so that the cats are all safely contained.



here, brother, Sequoia, took a special interest in the camera …



while Eddy and Sweet Pea really could care less.


thanks Tigger for being such a great model. and thanks, Christine, for introducing me to your fabulous pride.  i hope you enjoy your client gallery.


kelli - oh my, what a gorgeous home for these gorgeous kitties! these are all fabulous, but the second shot is to *die* for. awesome work.

JD - Go cats! Great to see this owner provides a safe way for the cats to enjoy the outdoors. That fence is super.

Holly Garner-Jackson - Great shots of these furry felines. Lucky them to have to have such an awesome back yard to roam in and still be safe!
Love you descriptions!

Vicki - i love the pic of Tigger looking slightly startled, very funny – and the one of him lying across the top of the couch!
all beautiful shots of some very lucky kitties.

Deb - such cats. 🙂 great job on this, and love your commentary.

Margaret - Beautiful bunch o’ kitties!!!

Anita - What a fantastic yard! My kitties would love that…although we do have George pretty well trained about yard boundaries!

I love Sequoia, what a cutie, and a great name! Wonderful shots:)

holiday cards … really? already?! ~ {Ontario exclusive pet photographer}

yeah, already. really.

if you’re stumped as to what to send family and friends this year, or maybe you haven’t sent cards in years because you simply haven’t been inspired, well, how about something just a little bit more personal?  scruffy dog offers a variety of designs of high-quality, ultra-trendy, press-printed cards to show off the images from your one-of-kind photo shoot.



but here’s the thing: if you want your holiday cards in plenty of time for mailing to all your family and friends, you’ll need your photo session to be shot before the end of September, if not sooner.

and if you’re already a member of the scruffy dog family, and would like to use some of your past images for your holiday cards, well, you know how much we love you!  if you order before September 1st you will receive 10% off of your holiday card order.



cards are printed in sets of 24, with greatly reduced rates for 4 sets and over, and, yes, they come with envelopes.



of course the text can be altered to read anything you’d like, and other custom flourishes can often be incorporated.



and, as always, plain cards can always be ordered, without all the flourish … as well as non-seasonal cards.  press-printed cards can be ordered for any occasion from blank cards to invitations, announcements and even moving notices.

so if cards are something you’re interested in for this holiday season, contact us today.


Margaret - When can you come to Colorado for our photo shoot?


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