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spring session peeks ~ Windsor, Ontario pet photographer | Waterloo, Ontario dog photographer

As always, it’s been a delightfully busy spring season here at scruffy dog!  So busy, in fact, that I am grossly behind in blogging.  Of course, if you’re looking for the latest images and to keep up with the current goings-on here in scruffyville, your best bet is to follow us over on facebook!

In the meantime, here are just a few of the faces who booked a scruffy session to capture one-of-a-kind, lifelong memories of their beloved 4-leggers!

Minnie showed up for the spring/summer segment of her Seasons Session, and this girl totally rocked it.

The utterly adorable Albert came from Amherstburg/Windsor for his Big Picture Session with me, and I can’t wait to start working on his custom-designed, one-of-a-kind, hand-made, signature album, along with his other artwork.

This little scruffy dude crashed one of our spring sessions, and I couldn’t resist catching one quick shot.

And then there are these three … Maggie, Oscar and new sister Annie.  Even though Maggie and Oscar are mostly indoor cats, guardian Mary really wanted a photo of her two cats and new dog, Annie, together.  So off we went!  Of course, as someone who has also taken my cat to different locations for shoots, I made sure that Maggie and Oscar’s harnesses were on super tight!

And for those questioning whether the above image might be a composite of these lovelies, nope!  Here is the straight-out-of-camera image.  Of course, what you don’t see here is the high level of client-coaching, cat-wrangling and preliminary set up that went on to achieve this calm.  At the same time, I’m giving some credit to Annie who – having stood at the sidelines for 15-20 minutes already, watching the cat-wrangling and cat photos going on – seemed to understand what we were after even before we brought her onto the “set”.  Note Annie’s craftily placed paw on Oscar’s … almost as though she is pinning him in place so that we can get our shot, put the cats away once and for all, and focus on Annie at last!

Little Maggie smiling…

Oscar in all of his cross-eyed glory…  Can you believe this gorgeous boy was adopted from the KW Humane Society and nobody seemed to want him?

Annie: “I haz crown.”

Stay tuned for more little peeks from our amazing spring!!  And if you’re considering a fall session, please don’t ‘consider’ too long; spots are filling up!


Lucy ~ BLOW project ~ Kitchener pet photographer

Oh, Lucy … let me count the ways I love this sweet girl.  Lucy’s participation in the special pet photography project BLOW was not her first time in front of the scruffy dog cameras … in fact, she was here in the studio for her second session with me, when I asked her mom and dad if we could take a few shots with the fan.  And Lucy pretty much rocked it with those ears of hers.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this very popular pet photography series, I introduced the much-awaited BLOW project in this very first blog entry, and it has become a big hit on sites like Bored Panda and across the globe in the UK, France, Estonia, and even Japan among other countries.

Stay tuned right here on the scruffy dog blog for more exciting entries in the BLOW photo series!  You can also see more of BLOW across different online publications like Dog Milk and This Dog’s Life (sometimes called Dogs vs Fans) as well as real publications globally.

And if you don’t want to miss a single blog entry and BLOW model, consider ‘subscribing’ for the notifications by email whenever a new blog entry has been posted.  You’ll receive a simple email alerting you to each new blog entry — easy peasy … you’ll never miss another! Subscription signup can be done through the slide-out menu on the left … yup, right over there … or rather ‘left’ over there.  You got it.   See you soon!


spring pet photography sessions! ~ Ontario custom pet photography

It’s spring time!  Do you have your dog or cat booked for a custom spring photo session yet?

This is Saba … this sweet girl rocked her spring session last year.

The spring season has become almost as busy a photography season as the fall … with wild flowers, fresh grasses, and the bright green canopy of new leaves … and spots go quickly!

Haley in the spring-time woods…

And with the warmer temps of spring, the water also warms up, giving us access once again to some river sessions.  This is monstrous Miles blowing bubbles down by one of my favorite access points.

Of course, some models aren’t exactly courteous when it comes to the lovely spots we find for our sessions.  Here’s Bane make the most of our spring daisies.

Wrangler had a lot of fun at his spring session last year.

…and Sophie was practically dancing in the fresh glow of new foliage.

And then … well … then there is Guinness.

Little Pujo in the fresh spring grasses and buttercups…

My own girl Matlin McScruffy…

…and Sandy showing off her tongue-tricks down by the river.

Sophie again … I mean, how glorious is this spring light?

And a little later into spring we start finding other flowers blooming, as we did with Ryu’s session.

As with any scruffy dog session, I can always find room for dogs to run, if that is on your must-haves list.  And of course, don’t forget that safety always comes first, so in most cases, if dogs can’t be trusted off-leash, I bring long lines.

Of course, top model Goose doesn’t require a long line as he tears through a field of natural flowers.

Forest trails abound here in scruffy dog territory and in the springtime these trails absolutely glow.

Here’s wee Stella in the dandelions.

… and smiley Guinness again.

If you are thinking about having a spring session for your pup, please avoid disappointment and book soon before our spring spots are all gone.  Reach out by using the Contact page! I look forward to working with YOUR scruffy to create stunning, photographic memories to last a lifetime!


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