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scruffy locations

scruffy dog photography shoots across Ontario, however the majority of SDP clients choose to travel to scruffy dog territory from Toronto, Burlington, London, Ottawa, and from as far away as Montreal, Chicago, New York City, Kansas and even California.  They do so in order to take advantage of the open spaces and amazing locations we have scouted over the years.

In order to help you decide whether you would like SDP to come to you for your scruffy dog sessions or if you would prefer to visit the Waterloo region to take advantage of some of these amazing natural and urban locations, we’ve put together several slideshows which highlight just a few of the locations we regularly use for our many sessions.  Enjoy!



First up, we have our #1 location: the tunnel of trees location.  This is by far, the most highly requested location by SDP clients from all over North America.  Some clients already have the “tunnel of trees” in mind when they envision their big, couch-sized or mantel-sized SDP framed canvas before they even book their session.  The cathedral-like pines certainly deliver again and again for clients who are after a large, dramatic wall piece for their home (our largest canvas to date — 7-feet long! — was an image taken at this location).

However, one of the reasons this location is so popular is the rich variety it offers in addition to the mature pine forest.  Here we have tall grasses — green in the summer and lovely dried grasses in the fall — we have ash trees, flowers, white pine, brilliant coloured leaves in the fall, room to run for the scruffies, and a small body of water (although the beach area is really only available in the months of Sept-Nov, and the water quality is questionable; as such, we encourage its use mostly as a backdrop).





We do a lot of shooting right here near the studio, especially in winter when our tunnel of trees location isn’t as readily accessible.  Here we have a couple of different forests available to us, open field with natural grasses and a forest backdrop, as well as the Grand River for fabulous water and swimming shots.






Another location which offers great variety is the big woods. This location offers wide trails and the cover of soaring pines all through the year … a boardwalk bridge and pond for posing.






And if you have a water dog and absolutely need those swimming and water shots, we can always head to the quarry.  The quarry is a little more open, and as such, doesn’t necessary offer as big variety as some locations.






For ALBUM Session or even ARTWORK clients looking to make their finished gallery of images truly shine with big variety, adding an urban location can be the ticket.  We also have a lot of repeat scruffy clients who — having already had the experience of an ALBUM Session — now want to add another big piece on their walls … this one with perhaps a bit more ‘bite’, a little urban grit and colour.  And SDP delivers on these locations too!  From a back alley with beautiful old brick to a red caboose, graffiti and train tunnels, bright orange painted walls and old door stoops, we’ve got it … and we make the most of it!  (NOTE: in the case graffiti, please know that this is real graffiti, with real tagging, and as such, is always changing from what you see pictured in the slideshow below.  ALSO: the red train caboose is hit and miss as to when it is in the station.)






We hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into the most requested SDP locations, and that this has helped you decide whether you would like SDP to come to you or you would prefer to take advantage of these locations.   And please know that we are always scouting for new locations — natural and urban — to help make your scruffy experience one of the most memorable and amazing in your scruffy’s life.

Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact page if you have any questions!

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