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Lucy & Poppy ~ {Oshawa pet exclusive photographer}

let me introduce you to two gorgeous greyhound girls who had their scruffy Seasons Session with me last year — Lucy and Poppy — from Bowmanville.  photographing dogs across three seasons is always a pleasure, creating big variety of images spanning the seasons and different settings, and these two beautiful girls did not disappoint.

Lucy here is a former racer from Birmingham, Alabama.

01-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-192
and this is Poppy.  i don’t actually have too many details on this sweet rescue girl as she was a last-minute addition to the session and a new adoption to the family!

02-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-63
03-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-45-Edit
04-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-172
05-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-280
06-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-169
07-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-252
but even though these girls had been together only a few weeks prior to their first session, they sure seemed close from the start.

08-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-292
09-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-261-Edit
for the girls’ fall session, we simply had to pull in along this side street with all of its lovely red leaves …

10-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-357
and then, of course, Jennifer wanted the tunnel of trees …

11-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-480
12-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-515
13-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-548
14-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-378
15-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-563
16-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-599
17-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-628
18-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-638-Edit
for their Winter session, we needed a warm but snowy day for these two thin-coated greyhounds, and fortunately Mother Nature complied.

19-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-707
20-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-781
21-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-761
22-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-826
23-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-837
24-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-856
25-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-741
26-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-885-Edit
27-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-930-Edit
28-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-964-Edit
29-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-724
thanks, Jenn, for sharing your beautiful girls with me.  i’m looking forward to putting together their album and other artwork for you!

30-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-818


Michelle Bradshaw - Again…. Stunning!!!!

Andy Mathis - You ladies look Maahvelous, simply maahvelous.

Lauren A Miller - Those pictures are so beautiful! Fantastic job! I just love greyhounds!

Pat Hurley Laird - Spectacular photos. Greys are a very special breed.

Lucy and her fabulous ears ~ {Kitchener, Ontario pet photographer}

let me introduce you to Lucy … and her incredible ears.  Lucy is a Jack Russell-Beagle cross adopted through Petfinder.  according to Lucy’s session booking form, guardians Stephen and Nicole went to Lucy’s foster home to meet her, “watched her be crazy for about a half an hour, and brought her home.”   … now that’s commitment.

01-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy frederick-23
Lucy is a true representation of both of her breeds … she is such a little hunter, always alert, and hearing things with this big ears of hers.

02-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy frederick-59-Edit
of course, that crazy hunting drive meant that Lucy couldn’t be off leash, so for those dog guardians thinking about a session but worried about the fact that their 4-legger had to remain on leash the entire time, Lucy’s is a prime example of a session with such a dog.  in the case of these photos, obviously, the leash has been removed.
03-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy frederick-70
04-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy frederick-323
05-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy frederick-95-Edit
06-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy frederick-156
07-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy frederick-107
08-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy frederick-346
09-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy frederick-253
10-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy frederick-332
thank you, Stephen and Nicole, for choosing scruffy dog for your sweet little girl.  and thank you, Lucy, for sharing your fabulous ears with me!
11-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy frederick-130


Lauren A Miller - Lucy is so cute!

Michelle - Lucy is adorable. Beautiful shots as always Illona. I think I saw the Scruffy Dog Fairy sprinkling that magical dust again as it danced in the light shining through the trees.

Yolanda Wester - Love them!! Two of my favourite breeds together … and those sideway glances LOL … I get them all the time from my two jacks!!

Jen Metzger - What a cutie!

Darlene Girard - I can’t pick a favorite pic.. they’re all lovely.. and Lucy is a doll.. I love floppy ears on a dog.

Max ~ dog photography session ~ {Waterloo professional pet photographer}

this little dumpling is Max — a.k.a. Maxipoo … a.k.a. Bone Head — a Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix who had a Fine Focus session with me so that his mom could have some artwork of him on her walls.

01-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-best-max rooke-84
02-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-best-max rooke-57
03-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-best-max rooke-224
i worked with Max and his mom in a few different settings, and always Max was a willing model, even though he could never be off the leash. if you are ever considering a scruffy session, but are worried about your 4-legger being unable to be off-leash, think twice as you look through just this small selection of images from Max’s session.  as explained on the FAQ’s page here on the scruffy dog site, safety is always of the utmost importance at every session, so in a lot of cases leashes and/or long lines are used, and then removed in post … as you see in Max’s images (or don’t see, as the case may be!).

04-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-best-max rooke-107
05-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-best-max rooke-27
06-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-best-max rooke-161
07-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-best-max rooke-220-Edit
08-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-best-max rooke-122
09-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-best-max rooke-261
10-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-best-max rooke-249
thanks for being such a willing little model, Max.  and thank you for entrusting me to capture you boy’s images, Elizabeth.  it was a pleasure!

11-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-best-max rooke-201


Lauren A Miller - Wow! What a cutie! Great job!

Michelle Bradshaw - Beautiful as usual Illona!!!!

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