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    So, grab a cup of jo, give your scruffnut a beef tendon to gnaw on, and enjoy the photos and ramblin's.

the fabulous Jake ~ {Toronto pet exclusive photographer}

meet Jake.  this handsome devil is an English Springer Spaniel and from the moment his Big Picture session was booked almost a year before his fall session, i was already pretty stoked.  it’s a well-known fact that i pretty much love and adore all dogs, and i have many favorite breeds to photograph for many different reasons, but i do love meeting and working with hunting breeds.

01-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-739
especially pointers, setters and spaniels — they have an energy, drive and intensity that is unparalleled, and such a joy to work with.  this boy is apparently from some champion bloodlines, but don’t let all of his fancy genealogy fool you … he’s still just a big, loveable dork, who probably couldn’t set and flush a bird for the life of him due to his joie de vivre;  Jake charges into any open field with complete abandon, and with enough wild barking to successfully scare off any bird or game within two kilometers.

02-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-16
still, i bet — like any respectable spaniel — he still dreams of catching birds …

03-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-316
04-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-1168
one of the funnest parts of Jake’s session was his guardians … completely in tune with who Jake is and what makes him happy.  and nothing seems to make Jake happier than a big puddle of mud …

05-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-mud triptych
06-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-1022
07-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-mud triptych2
10-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-1208
08-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-1068
next to his deep fondness for mud, is a propensity for catching leaves …

09-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-1111
… and smiling, of course.

11-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-246
12-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-847
13-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-821
14-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-497
15-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-439
16-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-295
17-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-577
18-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-598
19-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-378
20-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-200
21-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-191
22-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-520
23-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-672
24-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-775
25-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-803
26-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-1251
27-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-1231
28-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-1300
thank you, Ashton and Laura, for choosing me to capture Jake’s photos and create his one-of-a-kind artwork for you.  it was a genuine pleasure to meet and work with all three of you.

29-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-797
30-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-237


Gail Bent - Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. <3

Carl L. Jensen - Wonderful pictures, you have a pretty model too

Holly Garner-Jackson - Wow, Illona Haus ,just when I think you can’t get any better, you post this amazing blog entry. So many stunning photos. The light is that first one is so very incredible. I’d have a hard time narrowing down my picks if I was Jake’s owner. So many awesome images.

Ruth - Argh, that log jumping shot is amazing! Stunning dog, stunning pictures.

Jonathan Yearsley - A perfect set of images as always, Illona.

As someone with two ESS bitches, I know so well their love for life, puddles, fields and the forest. It’s because of them I’m a full time pet/equine photographer. They are a constant challenge, but like you I love everything that working with HPR clients brings me.

Diesel & Muffin’s awesome fall session ~ {Toronto pet photographer}

and finally, we have Diesel and Muffin’s fall segment of their Seasons Session.  you can see their winter segment here, and their summer session here.  words can’t describe how much i love these two … both seniors but still full of spit and vinegar.

42toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1372
43toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1234
when Steph took a few seconds out with Muffin as we were setting her up for some shots in the grasses, i had to grab a quick shot … and this image has become one of my favorites across all three of their sessions.

animal_stock_photography_diesel muffin hopkins-1623
in fact, their fall session was my favorite of all three, even though i did still feel a lingering twinge of pressure from Stephanie’s words on her booking form.  under the optional: Can you share with us why you’ve chosen scruffy dog photography? Stephanie’s response was:

“Oh man, where to start…..
When I look at your pictures, I feel like you are able to capture the personality and the spirit of your subjects like I have never seen anyone else do. These dogs mean so much to us that I don’t want to lose the subtle nuances that I love so much as my memories fade. I honestly believe that you will be able to capture them in a way that will let me hold on to all of those things that I love about them.  They are getting older, but both of the them are still so vibrant and full of life….I can’t imagine anyone else make this happen! “

45toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1758
i only hope i managed to capture all of those subtle nuances that i know all too well make up the whole of every 4-legger we share our heart with.

46toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1386
47toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1275
48toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1269
49toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1253
50toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1259
51toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1509
52toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1213
53toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1201
54toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1693
55toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1399
56toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1425
57toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1585
58toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1630
59toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1656
60toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1799
61toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1754
63toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1743
64toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1918
65toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1957
66toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1968
thank you, Stephanie and Eric, for trusting me to capture those subtle nuances and the spirit of your two amazing scruffies.  it was such a joy to work with you, and to work on your album, canvas and prints.  thanks for being such a big part of the scruffy dog family!

67toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1937
62toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1896


Suzanne - Your ability to capture the joy, personality and dignity of these pets is a true talent. I’m in awe of your photography skills.

shohreh - sooooo cute, soooo nice,soooo lovely thanks

Dinona - Your photos are simply amazing. Love the colours, love de focus… I can’t get my eyes off your website :)

Muffin & Diesel’s summer session ~ {Toronto pet photographer}

welcome to the summer segment of Diesel and Muffin’s Seasons session … and what a wild time we had!  if you missed Diesel and Muffin’s winter session, you can view it here.

25toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-957
because Diesel loves water so much, we headed to the river …

26toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-844
unfortunately you won’t see more images of Muffin in the water because she had other ideas when it came to the river.  once she got in the water, there was absolutely no getting this girl out!

27toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-625-Edit
she swam and swam in wide circles, and there was no calling her back.  all we could do was watch, and concern mounted that we’d spend their entire session trying to get her back … or worse, she might exhaust herself.   and that’s when Steph took matters into her own hands …swimming out to her girl and guiding her in.

steph swim
Diesel, on the other hand, gave us lots to work with during his water segment!

28toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-696
29toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-720
30toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-672
31toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-580
… while Muffin had to stay on shore where she was safe.

32toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-650
33toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-863
34toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-929-Edit
from the river’s edge, we headed to the wheat field.

35toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-979
36toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1123
37toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1017
38toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1121
39toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1047
40toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1099
41toronto_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_diesel muffin hopkins-1150-Edit

again, if you missed Diesel and Muffin’s winter session, you can view it here.  stay tuned for Muffin and Diesel’s awesome fall session!

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