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    What you will find here is the past several years of blog entries -- selected client shoots, sneak peeks, facebook recaps, news and announcements, promos and specials, as well as info on canine health and general dog chat. (NOTE: previous years of blog entries have been archived.)

    So, grab a cup of jo, give your scruffnut a beef tendon to gnaw on, and enjoy the photos and ramblin's.

motley facebook mashup ~ {International pet photographer}

this mashup of images from the scruffy dog facebook page represents a rather eclectic mix of clients spanning from 2012 and 2013 … waiting patiently in the ‘blog folder’ for the past two years, hoping to find their day on the SDP blog.

first up is Addie and Biscotti, who hail from New York state, but who are now living overseas in Europe.  like a lot of SDP clients, these two made the trek to Scruffyland for their session.  i wish i had time to share more images from their session … these are just the few sneak peeks that were shared on facebook …

how adorable is little rescue girl Addie?

addie biscotti hsieh-245-2-Edit-Edit
and her equally adorable sister Biscotti …
addie biscotti hsieh-516-2
addie biscotti hsieh-443-2-Edit
addie biscotti hsieh-693-Edit
addie biscotti hsieh-87-2-Edit
addie biscotti hsieh-95-2-Edit
addie biscotti hsieh-247-2
and then, going back to 2012, we have the incomparable Stewie …
beans stewie courtois-34
look at this face!

beans stewie courtois-51
beans stewie courtois-68
beans stewie courtois-82
… and of course, his brother Beans.
beans stewie courtois-147-Edit
and this is Dylan who had his session with me last July, capturing some of the beautiful summer light and flowers …
dylan buchholz-161
dylan buchholz-235
dylan buchholz-57
dylan buchholz-284

i hope you enjoyed this little facebook mashup.  if you’d like to see the most recent scruffy dog work and always be on top of the latest goings-on, follow us on the scruffy dog facebook page!


Zoe Talbot - These photos are absolutely gorgeous! Xx

Joni A Solis - All of these photos are fabulous, but I have to agree with others below — that last shot is the most magical one of all!

Sara - I don’t think I can pick a favorite – I love them all! Gorgeous work!

Kirsten Young - Such inspiration!

Melody Henkel - Ditto Holly! If I were the owner that last shot would be the one I HAD to have!

Holly Garner-Jackson - Great as usual, but I really love this last shot, illona!

your weekly facebook recap ~ {Ontario pet photographer}

welcome to a lost blog post!  this one dates back to 2012 … a draft of a post that was somehow never published and then lost.  so here it is now … enjoy!

yes, it’s time for another recap of everything you may have missed on the scruffy dog facebook page.  i’m starting to wonder if i should be calling these “your scruffy dog mash-up” since every week we really do have a rather large array of scruffies from different sessions to share with you.  of course, if you’re already following the SDP facebook page, you’re running with the pack and receiving SDP news and sneak peeks as they happen through your newsfeed.  good dog!

and for those who aren’t … well, we wouldn’t dare leave you scruffiless!

first up there was doodle puppy Rosie…

how amazingly cute is she?  i’ll admit that partway through her session, while rolling around on the ground with her, i actually cast my camera aside into the grasses, so that i could scoop this squirming lovebug up into my lap to give her a proper cuddle and sate my cuteness-quota for the day

and how’s this for cute?  this is Bubbles …

and this is Milo … who i renamed Mr. Barkypants … this boy has a ton of character … and barks … a lot.

then there was sweet Cassia, catching the last rays of sun during our session …

and the extremely photogenic Kael … first, in a before-and-after …

and then in full action …

and we had Diesel,  just one of four black cats i photographed the other week in three separate homes … Diesel was a total ham.

Gus Gilbert was a lot of fun to work with …

and then there was sweet old girl Sally, enjoying all the fresh smells of spring …

and, of course, no facebook recap would be complete without the goober.  the other week the Kong pet toy company contacted scruffy dog to ask if they could ship us a box of their toys for us to use at different photo sessions, with the intent that we can share some of the images captured.  problem is, merrick goobernuts mcscruffy assumed that the entire box was sent just for him … he was absolutely giddy with anticipation

if you’d like to see what happened once i unleashed this goober onto the unsuspecting Kong box, you can see it in little clip … not the best quality video, but i think you’ll chuckle…

of course, no toy has quite the allure as his big sister’s favorite soccer ball …

this boy knows how to show a soccer ball a good time …

hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend!


Susan Humphreys - Oh my goodness, how can you resist Merrick. Love Matea sitting
sedately in the background. Your pictures make me want a dog of my
own Now! Great photos as usual. All good wishes for Christmas and
the New Year.

Susan Humphreys

Nicole Hale - This is a great site if you love Dogs!!!

Marylin Scheffer - Such a sweetheart!

Holly Garner-Jackson - Best of the best!

the scruffy pack ~ {Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario pet photographer}

if you follow scruffy dog on facebook you’ll already be caught up on all the latest and greatest happenings with SDP.  but if you don’t, here are just a few of the images of the scruffy pack you’ll have missed over the past year!  i’ve dedicated this blog entry to images of my scruffies (past and present) together.

i’ll start with my all-time favorite image of my girl matea and old man morley together … on our way out for a walk.  for those who aren’t familiar with morley, who is no longer with us, you can find his full bio here.  the short version: he was adopted from the Stratford SPCA at 9 yrs of age, and lived the 7 1/2 years of his retirement with us.

waterloo ontario stock pet photographer matea and morley walk
he and matea were never bonded the way she is with merrick today … although they would ‘hunt’ together out on the trails, morley was always very independent and i think matea’s strong energy didn’t jive with his calm, easy-going temperament.  they were rarely seen sleeping together or touching each other, although they completely respected one another and knew they were a pack.

02_waterloo_ontario_pet_photographer_bulldog_morley bath-66
when morley was dying from a brain tumor, and we had his seizures and other symptoms under control, i noticed that while he was still fully engaged in the world around him and plugged into life, he simply wasn’t wagging.  nothing made morley happier than another dog (another dog besides matea), and when 6-year-old merrick goobernuts mcscruffy desperately needed rescuing from a life of misery as a puppymill breeding dog, it was the perfect answer for both mcshorties.  (you can read about merrick and his rescue through his bio.)

stock pet photography scruffy dogs third day-6
we had our pack of three for a short three weeks … but during those weeks morley most certainly wagged and enjoyed merrick’s company, even though it was clear from the start that merrick was ALL about his girl matea.

waterloo ontario dog stock photography day 12-70
from the start, matea has been merrick’s goddess … his sun, his moon, his earth.  although there is no doubt in his bond with me, what matea means to him is indescribable, and i suspect i will never again see it in my lifetime of living with dogs.

05_waterloo_ontario_pet_photographer_bulldog_01front garden-58
06_waterloo_ontario_pet_photographer_bulldog_red blanket-30
even from the early days, and those first hikes, matea showed her boy the ropes …

07_waterloo_ontario_pet_photographer_bulldog_morning walk-66
she is his protector …

premium animal dog stock photography mentoring-14-Edit
… and his best sleeping buddy.

she’s also a bit of a pain in the ass when it comes to her insistence on using him as a pillow.

10_waterloo_ontario_pet_photographer_bulldog_goober pillow-2
and from the very beginning, after some careful choreographing between these two to make sure there would be no disagreements (since matea can be a bit of a hot head), it was clear that she viewed this new scruffnut (even at 6 yrs of age) as her baby.
these two are such a team … and i truly fear the day that one will be without the other.

14_waterloo_ontario_pet_photographer_bulldog_my dogs-379
18_waterloo_ontario_pet_photographer_bulldog_my dogs-331
19_waterloo_ontario_pet_photographer_bulldog_upnorth june 2014-128

studi obed-7

i hope you’ve enjoyed this more intimate glimpse into our pack dynamics here at SDP.  feel free to tell us about your pack in the comments below!

21_waterloo_ontario_pet_photographer_bulldog_right now-5


Marylin - I haven’t been checking your website for a while but finally, I’m here again. How beautiful your photographs are. The natural contentment of the dogs in the pictures says it all. Your own two beauties are gorgeous too. There is something in the eyes of a happy dog that stands out. All of your pictures show this expression. I will be back again soon!
My own little guy Mick, will have his 17th birthday in 3 weeks time! Still enjoying his wonderful friendship each and every day.
How I wish you could capture his doggyness in one of your wonderful photo shoots, but I live in Holland and flying is out of the question for my senior friend.

Melanie Reihing - Great work! Some real melt my heart images!

Gde B Putra - Your dogs are really adorable and beautiful. I can see how you really are a dog lover. Keep up the great work, dude!

Sandy Kramer - Stunning photos!! Please do my doggies! :)))

Pupparazzi Pet Photography Melbourne - A really gorgeous set of photos – I love the little fella. Some of his expressions are priceless!

Jayne Rose - Adorable

Pawsntails fotografie - beautiful blog. a story in photos. hopefully these two wonderful creatures will be together for a long time to come but sadly nothing lasts forever in life and when the time comes for one to be left behind, there is always YOU that they hang on to. They never understand where their pal went but carry on depending just that little more on you. Ultimately you are the pack leader. I have lost 2 of my furbabies in the last couple of years, a year apart. Still hurts and couldn`t imagine my Baroeska, the youngest at the time being without a doggie friend so in comes Rylie. As sweet as he is and adores Baroeska, I`m the one she`s most involved with now AND I LOVE IT but how wrong I was. Just haven`t managed the ball catching thing on all 4`s yet for her. Dogs are amazing and can teach us so much. Absolutely love what you do Ilona and wish you many years of joy with your pack.

Donna Rigg - Oh my god what a beautiful blog. Wonderful images and storyline. Made my morning :)

Sue Bouchard - Love this blog … I would certainly be unable to pick my favourite photo as I absolutely love them all! I called Wesley (our latest rescue) over to look at ‘doggy photos’ and judging from how he intently watched the screen he loves all the photos too!

Michelle Bradshaw - My all time favorite blog!!!! I love your babies. xo

michelle bradshaw - This is my all time favorite blog. Oh how I love your babies! xo

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