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the hairy beasts ~ {Hamilton, Ontario dog images photographer}

if i receive a phone call from repeat client Derk, i know it’s going to be a hairy time. as the co-guardian of four hairy beasts, he never disappoints when it comes to fabulous dog models.

meet Willow and Dimitri … two of the most gorgeous Afghan hounds ever.

of course, as this was Dimitri’s first time in front of the scruffy cameras, he had to do a little warmup stretching …

… but then he was ready to rock his photoshoot …


… even working the wind like a seasoned pro.

Derk came to Kitchener with the hounds on his birthday for a special shoot … kilt and all.  and don’t ask me what’s under that kilt … yes, i lie down on the ground all the time during my sessions, but i wasn’t peeking!

07_ontario_dog_stock_photography_dimitri willow steenblik-14
08_ontario_dog_stock_photography_dimitri willow steenblik-164
09_ontario_dog_stock_photography_dimitri willow steenblik-207
for their next session, the entire gang came … Soloman and Sophie, joining us for their turn in the alley …


… including a family portrait, of course.

of course, any opportunity that Willow has to nap, well, she always takes it.

and this is the family portrait that is now hanging over the mantlepience at the hairybeasts’ home as a 65″ canvas.

derk gary canvas-6
of course, a scruffy session isn’t all posing and family portraits … we expect everyscruffy to let loose!

… and get downright wild and crazy.

and yet another trip to Kitchener had the cockapoos, Sophie and Soloman, posing it up in the natural light studio.  such perfect little models, these two.

thanks for sharing your hairy beasts with me, Derk and Gary.  it is always a pleasure to work with your stellar models!


Hannah - These are my favourite pictures you’ve done. I love the Afghans by the graffiti … It’s such a contrast!

Maggie - I cant get over the family portrait! It is amazing, the lighting the dogs pose everything! You are a true professional!

michelle bradshaw - Wow….just love this shoot illona. I’ve always admired Afghans and those two beauties are awesome! Beautiful work as usual……

the wild bunch ~ {Waterloo pet photographer}

meet the motley crew of Minnie, Baby and Mattie whom i had the pleasure of working with this past fall.

01_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-588
first there was Shih-tzu Mattie … consummate beggar and face-extraordinaire.

02_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-439
then came pretty Rottie girl Baby …

03_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-253
and the third addition to this pack was Fila Mastiff and winker, Minnie …

04_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-428
we had some wild, good times during their session … ripping up our natural runways …

05_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-69
06_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-127
… and figuring out just who was the branch-manager of this unlikely pack.

07_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-149
08_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-187
09_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-201
10_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-286
early fall offered us some gorgeous light …
11_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-451
12_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-474

… along with a few straggling flowers.

13_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-260
14_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-320
15_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-358
16_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-880
17_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-384
18_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-530
19_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-211
little Mattie’s face just loved the cameras, of course.
20_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-410
21_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-544
22_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-613-Edit
23_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-539
24_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-651
25_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-814

thank you, Mike and Robyn, for introducing me to you wonderful pack!

26_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-742
27_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-216


Hudson ~ {Waterloo, Ontario professional pet photographer}

meet Hudson.  he had his Big Picture session last fall, and his guardians were after big variety for this 4-legged love of their life.

01-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-30
i have a lot of clients with black dogs who ask me what the best season is for their 4-legger.  i always tell them that any season suits, but i have to admit, my favorite is late fall … the tall dried grasses, the residual fall colors, and the dramatic skies, to me, are always a stunning backdrop for any dog, but especially these black dogs.

02-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-20
i took Hudson to an old barn i found a couple of years ago …

03-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-69
04-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-116
… and then we headed to one of my favorite spots for some fetching-fun.

05-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-176
06-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-208
07-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-245
08-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-321
09-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-388
one thing can be said of Hudson, he sports a long tongue … a phenomenally long tongue.

10-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-446
11-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-454

and there’s no denying he looks like a supermodel in the breeze …

12-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-488
13-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-485
14-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-500
15-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-812-Edit
16-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-861
17-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-843
18-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-532
Hudson also sports an incomparable smile.

19-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-572
20-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-540
21-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-662
22-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-751
23-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-588

this shot was captured by Laura on her phone … me looking for pockets of lights, and Hudson … well, Hudson just looking to pick my pockets.

we had to hit the river on a separate date for a short add-on session  due to weather and timing … and Hudson was pretty excited about the opportunity.

25-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-923
26-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-1110
27-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-950
28-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-1088
29-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-918
30-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-1023
31-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-1029
32-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-1039
thank you Laura and Chris, for two wonderful afternoons and for being such awesome clients.  and thank you, Hudson, for being such a stellar model.  it was truly an honor to work with all of you!

33-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-1068

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