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Princess Dottie May ~ {Kitchener, Ontario premium pet photographer}

meet Princess Dottie May … model extraordinaire.  then again, i’ve never met a Boston Terrier who doesn’t rock their scruffy dog photo session!  Dot’s session was a Fine Focus with a ‘booster’ added for a little extra time and extra images, which was pretty easy to do with this stellar model.

01_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-458
02_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-86
as many scruffy dog clients, Dot’s mom, Maryjane, was very keen on the tunnel of trees location …

03_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-52
but i also enjoyed burying Dot in the willow saplings under a stormy sky …

04_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-520
… and making sure to capture her “dot”, of course.

05_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-501
before we even hit our main location, i pulled over at this white picket fence location with fabulous leaves along the way.  i’d spotted it coming home from a previous session and thought it would make a nice backdrop for the lovely Princess Dot.

06_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-19-Edit
besides posing, this three-year-old girl certainly had a lot of spunk … and it was fun capturing that energy.

07_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-183
08_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-363
… as well as her serious side.

09_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-303
… and her silly faces.

10_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-89
11_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-124
12_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-218
13_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-510
14_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-25
16_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-78
17_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-457
18_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-36
19_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-222
thank you, Maryjane, for sharing your lovely, spunky girl with me and entrusting me to capture her images.  and thank you, Dottie May, for being such a stellar model!
20_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-74


Holly Montgomery - Beautiful!! Love these locations!

Eduardo Zioli Fernandes - Amazing work!

michelle bradshaw - Love every single image in this blog illona!! Scruffy Dog magic…

Melissa Sinclair - Love every shot!! :)

Milford Monkeypants McScrufflebutts ~ {Toronto premium pet photographer}

meet Milford Monkeypants McScrufflebutts … or at least, that’s what i call this flying furball of chaos and mayhem.  Milford, the soft-coated wheaten terrier pup, came from Toronto for his puppy photo session on a beautiful autumn day, and to say he was full of beans would have been an understatement.

01-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-milford giza-308
02-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-milford giza-62
this razor-toothed little devil actually had his session booked the day he was born, if you can believe that!  in fact, his booking form didn’t even have a name on it because neither did this little monster at the time!

05-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-milford giza-400
04-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-milford giza-73
03-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-milford giza-27
06-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-milford giza-94
if you can’t tell from these photos, Milford was all about moving … non-stop.   there was simply no stopping this whirling dervish once his little paws hit the grass and pebbles of the open field near the SDP studio.

07-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-milford giza-178
08-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-milford giza-213
09-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-milford giza-104
10-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-milford giza-164
11-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-milford giza-368
oh wait!  is that Milford Chaos McMoverpants actually holding still!?  ha!  don’t be fooled.  the little monster was on a leash here, being held back from the puppy-stupidity-stunt he really wanted to perform which was to leap off his rock and finally get that big black clicking thing!

12-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-milford giza-336
13-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-milford giza-129
14-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-milford giza-188
15-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-milford giza-142
16-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-milford giza-149

i hope i get to meet this little monkey again once he’s had a chance to grow up.  thank you, Kelly, for sharing your little Milford with me!

17-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-milford giza-277


English Golden Retriever Breeder in California - wow! nothing to say. just amazing capture. Thank you so so much to share these tremendous photo among us

Diane - OMG that puppy is to die for cute! great images as always. Is it a wheaten?

Japanese Chins invade Scruffyville ~ {Toronto pet photography}

when mom Winnie emailed me to say Huey, her one Japanese Chin boy, wasn’t doing well and needed an Honor Session™, i knew we had to get her pack of three in as soon as possible.

01_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-94-99
while Huey is dealing with end-stage congestive heart failure and is being constantly monitored by his vets, he was also dealing with an eye infection at the time of his first session … but neither Winnie nor i wanted to risk waiting more time for the eye infection to clear, so a lot of Huey’s photos had to be taken from his left side … and even with only one good eye, this boy still delivered in the expressions department.

03_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-68
meanwhile, his sister Zoey was all about posing pretty.

02_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-32
… while little Boey was the most charismatic in front of the camera, he, too, is dealing with some health issues, most likely neurology-based.

boey huey zoey szeto-4
04_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-153-163
with the biggest scruffy dog collection in mind, and wanting a large canvas, loads of prints and, most of all, a Signature Best in Show album, after hitting the alleyway, we headed to the tunnel of trees location for big variety with these three.

05_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-216
06_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-309
07_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-315
i have to say, i’m in love with the faces Boey gave me.  and the most amazing light just seemed to follow this little gremlin everywhere!

08_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-342
09_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-476
11_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-500
10_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-490
12_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-549
13_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-615
14_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-658-Edit
15_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-673-Edit
16_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-872-Edit
17_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-762
18_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-907
19_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-924
20_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-945
after their first scruffy session, Huey’s eye infection cleared, and his health was still holding … so Winnie and Daniel arranged to bring the Chins back to Waterloo for a studio session as well as a few more shots outdoors.

21_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-1003
22_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-1099
23_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-1115
24_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-1129
25_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-1170+1153
26_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-1186
27_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-1277
28_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-1302
29_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-1314
from the studio, we headed out with the scruffy dog settee for some outdoor shots.

30_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-1355
31_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-1515
32_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-1552
thanks for entrusting me with capturing your pack members’ unique personalities, Winnie!  it was a pleasure to meet all three!

33_Toronto_pet_photographer_Japanese_chins_boey huey zoey szeto-1616 1610


Linda - They are so charming! And their charm is captured beautifully; well done.

Lynda Dvorak - Priceless photos! Absolutely amazing!

Leigh Clark - Great Chins, great photos!

Elisha Jung Ah Shinn - I am in love with all 3! and the pictures are gorgeous! :)

Sheryl Sweeny DeBruzzi - Beautiful photos! ?

Jennifer Danvers - lovely!

Elisha Shinn - They are adorable!!!! I have 3 chins myself and just love them.. you have quite a bunch of cuties! and the photographer did a great job!

Michelle Bradshaw - these little munchkins are absolutely adorable. Illona, beautiful works as always!

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