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    So, grab a cup of jo, give your scruffnut a beef tendon to gnaw on, and enjoy the photos and ramblin's.

Grace & Zoe ~ {Toronto professional dog photographer}

meet Zoe, the Bernese Mountain Dog …

01_toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_grace zoe carr-499

… and sister Grace, a possible husky-shepherd mix adopted from Toronto Animal Services.  i met these two on a crisp winter afternoon, with their amazing guardians, Jennifer and Ryan, and Jennifer’s father as recipients of my annual Holiday Tribute Session giveaway.

02_toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_grace zoe carr-195-Edit
sadly, Zoe is no longer with Jenn and Ryan.  ten months after their session, Ryan and Jenn had to say goodbye to their sweet girl after the degenerative myelopathy she struggled with became too unbearable.  
03_toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_grace zoe carr-13

i was so grateful to have captured at least a few photos of this gorgeous and very stoic girl enjoying the snow and kicking up her heels.

04_toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_grace zoe carr-62
05_toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_grace zoe carr-158
both of these seniors had a good spring in their step, and clearly weren’t bothered by the colder weather.

06_toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_grace zoe carr-124-Edit
07_toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_grace zoe carr-86
08_toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_grace zoe carr-143
we had some fun in the open fields by scruffy dog studio …

09_toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_grace zoe carr-186
… and then headed to the woods.

10_toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_grace zoe carr-224
12_toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_grace zoe carr-323
11_toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_grace zoe carr-234
13_toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_grace zoe carr-365
14_toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_grace zoe carr-513
15_toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_grace zoe carr-527-Edit
16_toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_grace zoe carr-609
17_toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_grace zoe carr-621-Edit
18_toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_grace zoe carr-624
19_toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_grace zoe carr-642
20_toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_grace zoe carr-667-Edit
21_toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_grace zoe carr-422
thank you, Jenn and Ryan, for sharing your girls with me and trusting me to capture their spirit.  i remember our afternoon often and think of you and Grace, and know that Zoe’s spirit must be with you. always.

22_toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_grace zoe carr-438


Chelsea Tyrer - She looks like she has Akita in her!

Makeda ~ {Waterloo pet exclusive photographer}

how’s this for a face?  this is Makeda, a lovely 11-year-old ridgeback i had the pleasure of photographing for her Fine Focus session last winter.

01-waterloo-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-best-makeda slinger-395
02-waterloo-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-best-makeda slinger-207
she loved the snowy trails, and didn’t let her age slow her down one bit.

03-waterloo-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-best-makeda slinger-62
04-waterloo-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-best-makeda slinger-91
05-waterloo-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-best-makeda slinger-263
it was a foggy winter day when Makeda’s session came up, and her guardian, Tyson, wasn’t certain about the weather … but i had a feeling — based on Makeda’s color, combined with the beautiful dried beech leaves in the forest — that we could pull some interesting colors and tones out of the afternoon.

06-waterloo-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-best-makeda slinger-103
07-waterloo-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-best-makeda slinger-117
08-waterloo-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-best-makeda slinger-11
09-waterloo-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-best-makeda slinger-72
10-waterloo-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-best-makeda slinger-123
11-waterloo-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-best-makeda slinger-125
12-waterloo-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-best-makeda slinger-163
13-waterloo-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-best-makeda slinger-288
14-waterloo-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-best-makeda slinger-239
15-waterloo-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-best-makeda slinger-251
just how stunning is this girl?

16-waterloo-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-best-makeda slinger-174
17-waterloo-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-best-makeda slinger-211
18-waterloo-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-best-makeda slinger-284
19-waterloo-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-best-makeda slinger-302
20-waterloo-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-best-makeda slinger-329
21-waterloo-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-best-makeda slinger-384
22-waterloo-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-best-makeda slinger-366
23-waterloo-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-best-makeda slinger-388
thank you, Tyson, for sharing your majestic girl with me, and entrusting me to capture her image for you.  it was such a pleasure to meet her and create lasting artwork for you!

24-waterloo-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-best-makeda slinger-142


the fabulous Jake ~ {Toronto pet exclusive photographer}

meet Jake.  this handsome devil is an English Springer Spaniel and from the moment his Big Picture session was booked almost a year before his fall session, i was already pretty stoked.  it’s a well-known fact that i pretty much love and adore all dogs, and i have many favorite breeds to photograph for many different reasons, but i do love meeting and working with hunting breeds.

01-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-739
especially pointers, setters and spaniels — they have an energy, drive and intensity that is unparalleled, and such a joy to work with.  this boy is apparently from some champion bloodlines, but don’t let all of his fancy genealogy fool you … he’s still just a big, loveable dork, who probably couldn’t set and flush a bird for the life of him due to his joie de vivre;  Jake charges into any open field with complete abandon, and with enough wild barking to successfully scare off any bird or game within two kilometers.

02-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-16
still, i bet — like any respectable spaniel — he still dreams of catching birds …

03-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-316
04-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-1168
one of the funnest parts of Jake’s session was his guardians … completely in tune with who Jake is and what makes him happy.  and nothing seems to make Jake happier than a big puddle of mud …

05-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-mud triptych
06-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-1022
07-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-mud triptych2
10-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-1208
08-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-1068
next to his deep fondness for mud, is a propensity for catching leaves …

09-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-1111
… and smiling, of course.

11-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-246
12-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-847
13-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-821
14-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-497
15-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-439
16-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-295
17-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-577
18-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-598
19-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-378
20-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-200
21-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-191
22-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-520
23-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-672
24-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-775
25-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-803
26-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-1251
27-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-1231
28-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-1300
thank you, Ashton and Laura, for choosing me to capture Jake’s photos and create his one-of-a-kind artwork for you.  it was a genuine pleasure to meet and work with all three of you.

29-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-797
30-toronto-ontario-professional-pet-dog-photographer-jake boucher-237


Gail Bent - Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. <3

Carl L. Jensen - Wonderful pictures, you have a pretty model too

Holly Garner-Jackson - Wow, Illona Haus ,just when I think you can’t get any better, you post this amazing blog entry. So many stunning photos. The light is that first one is so very incredible. I’d have a hard time narrowing down my picks if I was Jake’s owner. So many awesome images.

Ruth - Argh, that log jumping shot is amazing! Stunning dog, stunning pictures.

Jonathan Yearsley - A perfect set of images as always, Illona.

As someone with two ESS bitches, I know so well their love for life, puddles, fields and the forest. It’s because of them I’m a full time pet/equine photographer. They are a constant challenge, but like you I love everything that working with HPR clients brings me.

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