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Bosco & Murfy ~ BLOW project ~ Toronto pet photographer

What can I say about Bosco and Murfy — two of my favorite repeat scruffy dog clients.  These two Brussels Griffon have had a couple of custom photography sessions with me already, and while they were here for a session in the natural light studio, I figured we’d give them a ‘go’ with the fan.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this very popular pet photography project, I introduced the BLOW series in this very first blog entry, and it has become a big hit on sites like Bored Panda and across the globe in the UK, France, Estonia, and even Japan among other countries.

I absolutely adore Bosco.
In fact, I think Bosco is my spirit animal … grumpy little fart.

And Murfy is such a priceless, tolerant little girl.

Thank you, Bosco and Murfy, for being a part of this project!

If you enjoyed these images, do check out the rest of the entries about the BLOW series.  You can also see more of BLOW across different online publications like Dog Milk, Dogster and This Dog’s Life (sometimes called Dogs vs Fans) as well as real publications globally.

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Leonid - Too cute..and great shot by the way…

more spring and summer scruffy sessions ~ Guelph pet photographer, Collingwood pet photographer

Welcome to another glimpse at the amazing summer dog photography sessions we’ve shot here at scruffy dog these past few months.  And what a summer it has been!  Of course, if you’re looking for the latest images and to keep more current with the goings-on here in scruffyville, your best bet is to follow us over on facebook!

In the meantime, here is just a very small selection of the scruffies who booked a session in the wonderful summer season to capture one-of-a-kind, lifelong memories of their beloved 4-leggers!

This handsome man Beau popped over from Guelph for his Fine Focus session.  He was such a stellar model and a consummate gentleman.

And Chicco, who came from Toronto, was pretty high up on the handsome scale as well.

Rocky came from Brampton for his session, and totally rocked it with his multitude of expressions.

Meanwhile, Cody made the trip from Kleinburg for his Big Picture session.

And this hunk of handsome – Kismet – took the trip from Toronto to spend some quality time in Scruffyville for his session.

Dice and Fletch came from even farther afield … taking a lovely drive down from Collingwood / Wasaga Beach for their scruffy session.  How adorable are these two?

And I finally had an outdoor session with the lovely Badger, who belongs to fellow photographer Brian Douglas.

Stay tuned for even more fabulous scruffy faces right here on the SDP blog.  If you’d like a short email notification whenever a new post is made, you can always “subscribe”.  It’s easy, painless, and obviously, super scruffy!


Jessica - These photos are great! I love how elegant the fan blows on their hair. Boscoe and Murfy are the perfect duo combo. Haha. Very cute, love your work. Good job!


spring & summer sessions ~ Toronto pet photographer, Waterloo dog photographer

The fall season is just hopping here at scruffy dog while we take advantage of the cooler temps and the autumn colours.  And, with a packed summer season, we are frightfully behind in blogging. Of course, if you’re looking for the latest images and want to keep up with the current goings-on here in scruffyville, your best bet is to follow us over on facebook!

In the meantime, here are just a few of the faces who booked a scruffy session in the wonderful summer season to capture one-of-a-kind, lifelong memories of their beloved 4-leggers!

Meet Lugnut … the permanently winking rescue bloodhound.

And this bundle of adorableness is Charley who had the first of his three Seasons sessions.

I am so looking forward to Charley’s upcoming fall session, and then to see this scruff-muppet again in the snow!

Goldwater came for a Fine Focus session, adding a booster to his session which allows for a second location which we shot down by the water.

Of course, no year would be a good year without a S-Wheaten terrierist on the docket.  This is Bentley and his session took place at the “Big Woods” location!
And little Gracie kinda sorta got into the daisies.

My own girl Matlin does get in front of the scruffy cameras once in a while … here she is doing a little work in the wheat fields this summer.

Bauer stepped in front of the scruffy cameras again for the second time in a decade.  How handsome is this distinguished gentleman?

BamBam was a nut at his session.  This busy little boy had things to do, stuff to sniff, and places to run to.  Still, we managed to get him to stay still for a few seconds.

And Mr. Dudley was all smiles at his scruffy Mutt Shots session.
Stay tuned for more glimpses of the many sessions from the spring, summer and soon, the fall!

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