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Oliver and his new sister ~ {Guelph, Ontario pet photographer}

this priceless face … this … is Oliver.  or rather, Oliver Francis Fleming!  he is the brother of sweet Emma, who some of you may remember from her wintry Honor Session™.  Oliver, who belongs to the fabulous Dr.  Renee of the Guelph Animal Hospital, finally had his own scruffy dog photo session here in Waterloo.

01_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-144
but Oliver didn’t come alone.  in tow was baby sister Ella … Eleanor Bee Fleming … a.k.a. newest pain in Oliver’s butt.

02_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-158
of course, with a Frenchie and a baby bulldog, how could this session be anything but a veritable wrinkle-fest?

03_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-126
04_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-219
05_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-4
06_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-32
07_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-55
i’m pretty sure Oliver was telling me all about the pain in his butt that new little sister Ella was…

08_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-71
09_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-81
10_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-44
11_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-202
12_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-70
13_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-196
and when Ella wasn’t chasing Oliver …

14_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-337
15_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-367
… she was lying in wait, ready to pounce.

16_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-329
17_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-298
but sometimes Oliver managed to disappear on Ella, leaving her to wonder where he’d gone.

18_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-293
as always, Renee, it’s a true pleasure working with you, and with John in this case.  i adore every wrinkly face and wiggly butt you bring me!

19_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-445


Moti - Beautiful photos!

Kelley Norcia - oh my gosh, so adorable! Thanks for sharing!

Reese’s Pieces! ~ {Guelph, Ontario pet photographer}

let me introduce you to Ms. Reese … a.k.a. Reesey or Reese’s Pieces … a two-year-old, goofy, leggy, lap-dog of a Doberman Pinscher who had her Fine Focus photo session + booster with me last spring here in Waterloo.  the booster offers extra time and images to a session for the client who is after a little more or adds a second location like one of our urban client favorites.

01_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_reese hunsberger-15
like many SDP clients, Reese’s mom, Diane, requested the tunnel of trees location where i am afforded some great variety of light, vegetation, and settings.

02_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_reese hunsberger-390
03_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_reese hunsberger-327
i just love the long green grasses of spring, and Reese’s reds are a lovely contrast …

04_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_reese hunsberger-83
05_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_reese hunsberger-33
06_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_reese hunsberger-245
07_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_reese hunsberger-65
08_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_reese hunsberger-51
what some people don’t think about, and what i always advise my clients of in the materials i send out to prepare them for their scruffy dog session is that ‘wardrobe changes’ are encouraged!  Diane clearly read my carefully compiled materials — advice built over a decade of photographing dogs — and brought two collars along for Reese’s session.  this adds to the overall variety of the resulting gallery of images and the photographic memories of your 4-legger.

09_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_reese hunsberger-309
10_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_reese hunsberger-235
11_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_reese hunsberger-103
12_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_reese hunsberger-130
13_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_reese hunsberger-376
14_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_reese hunsberger-86
15_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_reese hunsberger-162
16_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_reese hunsberger-425
17_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_reese hunsberger-518
18_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_reese hunsberger-551
19_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_reese hunsberger-128
thanks, Diane, for choosing scruffy dog to capture your lovely girl’s images!  and hang in there, Reesey, one day that cat will be your friend!

20_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_reese hunsberger-105


Kim A Chambers - Very nice portfolio

Leanne Maya - WOW. A fully natural red girl, right in my backyard! I have a fully natural black girl, and live in Guelph. Might definitely have to give you a call!!!

Stephanie Dufort Sherman - Beautiful photos, and I love both collars! Would love to find out where they are from!

Diane Foubert - beautiful photos of beautiful dogs

Melody Henkel - LOVE! Dobermans hold aspecial part in my heart and you capture the quirky mix of elegance and goofiness perfectly!

Eileen Mackey - what great shots. Love Dobie’s. Nice to see the ears & tail left as is. GREAT job scruffy dog

Princess Dottie May ~ {Kitchener, Ontario premium pet photographer}

meet Princess Dottie May … model extraordinaire.  then again, i’ve never met a Boston Terrier who doesn’t rock their scruffy dog photo session!  Dot’s session was a Fine Focus with a ‘booster’ added for a little extra time and extra images, which was pretty easy to do with this stellar model.

01_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-458
02_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-86
as many scruffy dog clients, Dot’s mom, Maryjane, was very keen on the tunnel of trees location …

03_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-52
but i also enjoyed burying Dot in the willow saplings under a stormy sky …

04_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-520
… and making sure to capture her “dot”, of course.

05_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-501
before we even hit our main location, i pulled over at this white picket fence location with fabulous leaves along the way.  i’d spotted it coming home from a previous session and thought it would make a nice backdrop for the lovely Princess Dot.

06_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-19-Edit
besides posing, this three-year-old girl certainly had a lot of spunk … and it was fun capturing that energy.

07_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-183
08_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-363
… as well as her serious side.

09_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-303
… and her silly faces.

10_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-89
11_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-124
12_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-218
13_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-510
14_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-25
16_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-78
17_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-457
18_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-36
19_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-222
thank you, Maryjane, for sharing your lovely, spunky girl with me and entrusting me to capture her images.  and thank you, Dottie May, for being such a stellar model!
20_kitchener_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_princess dot carroll-74


Holly Montgomery - Beautiful!! Love these locations!

Eduardo Zioli Fernandes - Amazing work!

michelle bradshaw - Love every single image in this blog illona!! Scruffy Dog magic…

Melissa Sinclair - Love every shot!! :)

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