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Mika & Bobby ~ {Ontario premium pet photographer}

Mika and Bobby made the trek from Ajax, Ontario to Waterloo for their first scruffy photo session in April of 2013 for what was supposed to be an Honor SessionTM. Mika was battling cancer, and going through chemo, and Debbie and Marcus weren’t sure they’d have him much longer than the week … so fitting in their session — rain or shine — was imperative.

01-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-142
and rain it did.  but that didn’t stop us.

02-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-167
03-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-12
Mika shook off those raindrops even as we took cover under a covered bridge.

04-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-201
05-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-189
and he and Bobby took the drizzle like a trooper down at the train station.

06-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-303
07-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-310
the train tunnel offered us some good cover, and a chance to warm up.

08-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-432
09-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-448

now, i’m not going to take any credit for Mika’s remarkable turnaround in health after his scruffy Honor SessionTM , but he’s only one of many 4-leggers who take an amazing turn after their session, exceeding their guardian and their vets’ expectations.   some call it a little scruffy dog magic, but i like to think it’s just good doses of love from their guardians … and Mika certainly had no shortage of that.

… and six months later, we were having another session with these two boys.  i still chuckle when i recall Marcus’ response to the booking-form question: What are your 4-legger’s favorite features?  Marcus’ response: “the fact that he’s still here.”

for this second session, i traveled to Mika and Bobby’s home … this time for more of a Dogumentary type session where i spend a full afternoon documenting a day-in-the-life of your 4-legger.  we started at Mika and Bobby’s house.

10-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-536
Bobby — a rescue aged somewhere between 15 and 18 — wasn’t feeling in top form during their second session, but he was  more than happy to show off his signature mohawk.
11-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-1179
…while Mika was looking for buried toys while photos from his previous scruffy session played on his digital frame.

12-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-587
knowing that we were headed out for a good walk and an outing to the stables, Marcus wanted to be sure the boys were powered up with some prime rib.

13-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-628
14-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-1111
15-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-1141

i followed the boys around on their regular walk through the neighborhood.

16-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-766
17-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-1202
… capturing photos of the boys rolling on the neighbors’ lawns, amongst many other memories of their day-to-day routine.

18-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-793
we then headed to the stables where Debbie keeps her horse Indy.

19-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-901
of course, setting up shots isn’t without its moments of comedy … this outtake still makes me smile.  thanks, Marcus.

20-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-864
21-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-945
22-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-970
and finally i was able to meet Indy.  this girl’s energy reminded me so much of my very last horse Sergio, and it was such a pleasure to spend some time with her in the woods.

25-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-1451-Edit
26-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-1398
27-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-1417
28-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-1408
29-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-1431
back in the paddock, Indy let loose …

30-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-1021
31-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-1083
sadly, i received word this past February that Mika the Miracle Moo had lost his battle with cancer.  i know his loss has left a permanent hole in the hearts of both Debbie and Marcus.

24-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-1311
23-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-1253
i am deeply honored to have been chosen to capture images of Debbie and Marcus’ beloved Mika and Bobby.  spending time with this family and getting to know them and witness the depth of their love has been so meaningful and truly memorable.  thank you, Debbie and Marcus … truly and deeply.

32-toronto-ontario-best-professional-pet-photographer-mika bobby worton-1312


Bobby Clark - Beautiful Images for a beautiful pair of dogs. Thanks for sharing.

Debbie W. - Thank you Illona :)
What a lovely and befitting tribute to the Boys.
As I read this, I’m sitting on the upper deck of the dive centre in Utila, Honduras … looking at the vast expanse of the Caribbean and weeping a little. We still miss him dreadfully but I’m consoled a little knowing he’s travelling with us.
You captured the Boy’s and Indy’s individual personalities in pictures that I treasure and look at often.
I’m so glad I found you <3

the magnificent Murphy ~ {Waterloo, Ontario pet photographer}

meet the amazing Murphy … a.k.a. Murph, Murphin, the Smurf, the Puff, Murph-a-derf … goldendoodle extraordinaire.   his Big Picture custom photography session last autumn was a wild time …

01_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-268
02_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-25
this bearded scruffmonster had a ball — literally — at his scruffy dog session.

03_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-213
he had very little time for posing …

04_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-188
most of Murphy’s session entailed running.

05_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-232
06_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-357
… and more running.

07_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-278
08_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-158
10_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-14
11_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-310
Murphy’s mom, Lori, was after an album and a good variety of fine-art prints, so i was after a good variety for her.

12_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-315
13_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-416
09_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-62
14_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-442
15_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-460
17_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-586
16_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-557
but i think Murphy had his most fun down by the river, where he could go wild with the sticks he found …

18_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-824
19_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-826
20_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-712
… and where he could truly show off his flying skills.

21_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-980
22_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-869
23_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-837
thanks, Lori, for introducing me to your gorgeous boy.

24_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-958

and thank you, Murphy, for being so much fun!

25_waterloo_ontario_best_pet_photographer_murphy odonovan-798


Kelley Norcia - what a gorgeous goof ball! Beautiful work!

Oliver and his new sister ~ {Guelph, Ontario pet photographer}

this priceless face … this … is Oliver.  or rather, Oliver Francis Fleming!  he is the brother of sweet Emma, who some of you may remember from her wintry Honor Session™.  Oliver, who belongs to the fabulous Dr.  Renee of the Guelph Animal Hospital, finally had his own scruffy dog photo session here in Waterloo.

01_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-144
but Oliver didn’t come alone.  in tow was baby sister Ella … Eleanor Bee Fleming … a.k.a. newest pain in Oliver’s butt.

02_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-158
of course, with a Frenchie and a baby bulldog, how could this session be anything but a veritable wrinkle-fest?

03_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-126
04_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-219
05_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-4
06_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-32
07_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-55
i’m pretty sure Oliver was telling me all about the pain in his butt that new little sister Ella was…

08_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-71
09_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-81
10_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-44
11_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-202
12_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-70
13_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-196
and when Ella wasn’t chasing Oliver …

14_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-337
15_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-367
… she was lying in wait, ready to pounce.

16_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-329
17_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-298
but sometimes Oliver managed to disappear on Ella, leaving her to wonder where he’d gone.

18_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-293
as always, Renee, it’s a true pleasure working with you, and with John in this case.  i adore every wrinkly face and wiggly butt you bring me!

19_guelph_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_oliver eleanor fleming-445


Moti - Beautiful photos!

Kelley Norcia - oh my gosh, so adorable! Thanks for sharing!

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