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scotties gone wild ~ {Kitchener-Waterloo pet photographer}

meet McTavish and Sadie …

these two little sweethearts were definitely after my own heart from the moment i walked through the door and set my bags down.

and they were pretty easy to fall in love with during the shoot, even though they weren’t necessarily the easiest models.  typical terriers and being low to the ground, they were busy, busy, busy … following every scent … certainly no time for modeling!  although my boy McT certainly did his best to indulge me …

but Sadie couldn’t even bring herself to look at me, no matter how much cajoling or sweet talk, treats or squeakers i pulled out of my pockets …

much like my girl Matea, Sadie had huntin’ on her mind …

McT was as little more laid back … checking on us during our moving-shoot …

… but there were still times when he was just a blur going by.

we went to one of my favorite places to shoot and took in all the variety of backdrops … again, McT indulging me with his modeling abilities …

while Sadie … not so much …

because these two terrierists can’t be entirely trust off-leash in such a lush area, rife with scents and wild animals, i introduced owners Nan and Gerhard to the long-lines and how to work them.  it was Sadie’s and McTavish’s first experience on lines and i think the freedom was a definite hit all around.

and although Sadie might have only turned away from her hunting if i’d pulled a live squirrel from my pocket, McTavish was easily enamored with the Cuz ball i brought for him.

the cut wheat fields are less appealing than they were a few weeks ago, with the weeds already growing in around the dried, golden stubble, but Sadie didn’t care.

and almost as fun as the hiking — as with most dogs — is the car ride!

McT  l-0-v-e-s  his car rides …

thanks, Sadie and McTavish for a fun afternoon and evening.  i hope you enjoy your gallery of images, Nan and Gerhard.  hope to see you soon at your studio consult.

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  • leesialove the car ride at sunset shots. makes you wish you were there, living the dog’s life…ReplyCancel

  • Becky MisenerI really like the one with the tree lined road, so much captured there. I see you have used that one a few times. I can see why it would be a popular locating.
    My fav would be the one with the where the one scottie is tagging behind out of focus. And the devilish one where he is looking out of the corner of one eye 🙂ReplyCancel

  • SimonI totally understand your frustration, and it’s obviously your call, but you are unique amongst the 452 blogs in my RSS! Even the big names mostly just use a small watermark. If it ruins the impact of the photo, it’s a price too high IMO.ReplyCancel

  • illonathanks, everyone. glad you’re enjoying the scotties.

    yes, vicky, very low … belly-low.

    simon, sorry you’re bothered by the watermark. unless you’re a professional photographer who’s had the experience of having your photos stolen, you might not truly appreciate the necessity for watermarks. even so, i work at keeping them as transparent as possible, positioning each image’s watermark individually to ensure its placement in the least obtrusive area possible.ReplyCancel

  • AngelaSo fun! Love the light and the car shots. Cute pooches.ReplyCancel

  • SimonCould I make a plea for a less intrusive watermark? I know it’s a tough call…but of all the blogs I read, yours is by *far* the largest. Superb pics underneath, though!ReplyCancel

  • Vicky (tv writer)Absolutely charming series! You have such a wonderful talent, Illona, capturing the unique personalities of your canine friends. I especially appreciate how LOW you needed to go to get the terrific perspectives here.ReplyCancel

  • JillWonderful! I hope to book you to shoot my dogs soon!ReplyCancel

  • Annie KinmondGorgeous! Every one of them! I love Scottie’s; they are such Disney dogs;)ReplyCancel

  • Holly Garner-JacksonLove the last shot! “The End” shot.
    The others are great too of course. Love the woods scene where they are set to the left. Good thing you are close to the ground yourself for these short guys.
    Awesome that you could give them a bit of freedom to roam, too. It’s all about the dogs and their experiences and you really know how to bring out the best in the dog! Well done!ReplyCancel

  • marjoLove the setting sun glinting off the car … nice work … the copy is almost as charming as the photos (not quite) … enjoy checking out the blog!ReplyCancel

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