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Internationally-renowned, award-winning animal photographer Illona Haus is the province's premier pet photographer, serving clients across Ontario, the US and the world. Photographing exclusively animals, both commercially and for private clients, since 2007, scruffy dog photography inc. -- based in Kitchener, Ontario -- is considered one of the world's leading and most influential pet photographers.


To learn more about the scruffy dog experience, its creator and history, as well as how YOUR scruffy can become a part of the SDP family, feel free to browse through the menu above, and scroll through a decade's worth of blog entries below!


Please drop us a line! We'd love the opportunity to capture stunning, creative, one-of-a-kind photographic memories of your 4-legged loved ones to treasure in artwork for a lifetime, and show you just what makes the scruffy dog experience second to none.

the big red dog

meet the most handsomest red dog .. evah!  big boy Brewer.


this blog entry is a little late, and it’s a little big.  i’m simply unable to narrow down the choices of images to share.  i mean, with a face like this …


… so less words, more pics.  after all, what more do i need to say about this handsome boy?



this young boy tore up the place.  for those interested, these shots were taken along the trails near the scruffy dog studio … always a great place for some scenic shots.





of course, i think Brewer is happy no matter where he goes …




Brewer was a wonderful model … even at only 14 months of age his obedience  was solid and his connection to owners Jamie and Steph was wonderful to witness. and of course, i’ve always got a thing for hunting dogs.




from the scruffy dog studio area we headed to Brewer’s home and a nearby cut wheat field …




gotta love a dog who loves his momma.




and then back home …


… onto the forbidden couch.


i just love it when clients break the rules for the sake of a photo shoot.  thanks Steph and Jamie, for a wonderful shoot and for introducing me to your amazing, amazing ridgie boy.  i’m sure he slept well after our long afternoon.  i look forward to our studio consult and seeing your boy in print.  i might just have to grace my own studio walls with his gorgeous mug.


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  • Casey CapeYour photos are absolutely gorgeous! I have really enjoyed viewing these, and plan on keeping up with you! Keep up the awesome work!!ReplyCancel

  • California Girlthe youngun’s are always full of it. they make everything look great. he’s a beauty.ReplyCancel

  • JeanThese are FANTASTIC Illona.ReplyCancel

  • MarciYou had me at Ridgeback…
    Wish you were here to shoot my “kids”.
    Hope you’re feeling better.
    These are quite wonderful, glad you grabbed the opportunity before your weather changes!ReplyCancel

  • JenniferWhat a gorgeous shoot, probably one of my favorites in sheer number of to-die-for moments. They are going to have to fill an entire wall with these photos. I especially love the ones outdoors — I have a thing for hunting dogs too, and they always look best outdoors! 🙂ReplyCancel

no worries …

… dogs still rule.


hopelessly behind in blog posts.  please stay tuned.  there will be more of this little precious girl and, of course, more dogs very soon.

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a little shoot with my own scruffy girl

i rarely get the time these days to shoot my own scruffies out on the trails or on walks … too busy with clients’ shoots, or just too lazy to drag the equipment along.  so, the other day i actually scheduled a short shoot with my own girl …


these images were taken down by the river or in the fields along the trail following it … minutes from the scruffy dog studio … a great place for photo ops, and for those future clients who are struggling for places to take their dogs for our shoots, i highly recommend considering this area.

the queen anne’s lace is closing up but right now it is dense with goldenrod and purple asters …


of course, having off-leash control helps …


and a sidekick, of course …


mostly i did this shoot because i’m looking for some images to print on larger-sized products for the new studio space, and  — as much as i’ve fallen in love with a lot of my clients’ dogs — when investing in these larger sizes of 30×40 i’m kind of partial to having them of my own guys.




some of you might already know that my girl has been recently diagnosed with DJD (degenerative joint disease) and bridging spondylosis of the spine.  she has some pretty nasty looking xyrays where the bridges are complete and three vertebrae in her pelvis are already fused.  at only 7 years of age, this is certainly not what anyone expects.

for now, the protocol is nutraceuticals, acupuncture, chiropractic, laser therapy, massage, ice/heat and to keep this girl moving, moving, moving …


and hunting, of course … cuz that’s when this girl is in her element.

matea-shoot-236-editand if the length of a dog’s tongue is any indication of their happiness, i think matea is probably the happiest when she’s out in the field where she belongs.


thank you, matea, for being my inspiration, my best friend, my soul, and my absolute greatest teacher.

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  • ShelbyThese pictures are stunning. Your dog is adorable, makes me miss mine. I was wondering where is this beautiful location? Seems versatile for so many types of shoots.ReplyCancel

  • Emily~ DreamEyceShe’s so beautiful, I love the scruffy Pointers! I was raised with Eng Pointers, and GSPs.

    I really feel you on the not expecting health issues at 7. My own best friend, wet down in the back a few months ago, and to get him walking again, has taken massive treatment, as well as follow up acupuncture, and physical rehab. He’s only 7 though, so worth every penny to keep him fit, healthy, and happy as long as possible.

    Hopefully health decline is slow for your girl, so she can have many more years for hunting, and running!ReplyCancel

  • lindseyGorgeous captures of your girl! Hope she stays happy and healthy more many more years to come.ReplyCancel

  • JillI absolutely love your photos Illona – they are stunning and truly capture what being a dog is all about. As an up-and-coming photographer, I find them truly inspiring!ReplyCancel

  • LizSimply beautiful!!! great to see lots of wonderful photos of her!ReplyCancel

  • Allison F.Oh my good word these are beautiful images of your lovely girl. That last image had me flash back to my bearded boy and I could cry!! I can only imagine how great these will look on your amazing new walls!! Which one did you pick to go big?? The third from the bottom would be amazing. I hope Morley gets one that big too!?

  • Holly Garner-JacksonWell I didn’t expect anything less of you. These are fantastic.That goldenrod really pops doesn’t?ReplyCancel

  • andreabeautiful shots! matea looks like she thoroughly enjoyed herself! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • nickSimply beautiful captures 🙂 She does look very happy!ReplyCancel

  • TamaraBeautifulReplyCancel

  • ChrisThat is one BIG tongue! And I thought my Rotties’ were long.

    Your pictures are beautiful!ReplyCancel

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