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trojans suck!

in spite of an arsenal of defenses, some hulking beast slithered through the scruffy dog moat undetected last week and made a mess of my system … bad scruffies for not noticing!   my drive was mostly salvaged by my good friend and computer wizard-of-the-highest-order Ed, and we thought we were good, however, it’s still something of a mess.  

so we’re rebuilding now.  oh fun, oh bliss …   please refrain from emails exhaulting the virtues of Macs and how i should use this opportunity to finally take the plunge.  it will be soon, but this is too soon, and except for the rebuild, my current system is a kicka** system.

in the meantime, however, i felt the need to explain the lack of  any client sneak peeks on the blog and the general lack of action around here.  without my main system, i’m unable to do my processing, but should be up and running very soon.

i’ll leave you with one sneak peek from a client a week and a half ago … young, frisbee-obsessed Bauer.   


i’ll post a proper entry of this lad soon as he definitely warrants one.

and for anyone emailing me during this funky period, thank you for your patience.


Jamie - mac baby, mac. plus your LR issues will be nonexistant on a mac. I’m just saying…. 😉

we interrupt our regularly scheduled dogs …

… to bring you a cat.

and a message … cats don’t belong in Dumpsters … especially in -20C weather we’ve had these past few weeks.  this is the second cat i’ve found in a year living off the streets – and trust me, i don’t go looking for ’em! i’m a dog person through and through! what’s more, this is the second cat who has been declawed and not microchipped.  i’m going to try really hard to stay off my soap box here about declawing, how over twenty-five countries have banned the practice because it’s the same as maiming an animal, how it’s not like pulling your fingernails off … how – because the claw is part of the actual bone – it’s far more accurate to compare it to amputating the tips of your fingers down to the first knuckle.  yeah, not too pleasant.

but if you have to do this amputation to save the life of the cat – for whatever reason you think is valid – then please, please, PLEASE, microchip your cat!  microchipping is not expensive … especially if you’ve already put in the hundreds of dollars for the amputation surgery anyway!  it’s nothing!  and it’s instant identification.  honestly, i can’t help but think that a person who declaws and doesn’t microchip is someone who is more concerned about their leather couch than the safety and whereabouts of their cat.  or, it’s someone who simply isn’t educated … so maybe this little blog entry might help just one cat owner.  who knows?

sure, you might think that your declawed cat will always be indoors, but accidents happen folks.  please be prepared.  this big, wonderful, MAGICAL beast was not microchipped and there are no “lost” records at the shelter going back for months.  i have tried my best.

we have already had him tested for FIV and he is gaining weight steadily on a raw diet.  i can’t help but think that at one time he was quite a confident animal, but must have been on the streets for some time as he is extremely skittish of many noises around the house.  still, this boy has much to say …

… and if i understood his language, i’m sure it would be quite the tale.

over the past week, after many failed names, Aslan seems to be the winner.  he responds to it, even if he isn’t exactly lion-hearted.

he has a way to go still as far as regaining his weight and health, and there’s still debate as to whether he can be  integrated into this household.  he certainly won’t be a member of the pack like our last rescued-off-the-street cat (also declawed and not microchipped!) as he’s not keen on the scruffies, but the slow and carefully orchestrated introductions are going well.  in the meantime, we do have a possible other home for him.

regardless of whether Aslan can stay or has to be rehomed, whoever ends up with this magnificent, adoring creature draped all over their lap – as he is prone to do – will be an incredibly lucky individual.

so please … reconsider declawing.  at least research it.  there are more humane, less invasive, safer options.  and PLEASE, whether you declaw or not, please microchip your pets.  better yet, microchip AND collar them with I.D. tags.

now … that thump you hear is me getting off the soap box i promised i wouldn’t get up on.  thank you.


Da kittiez @ The cat-a-blog - Just read that you are keeping the little dude! Way to go!

illona - thank you, everyone, for your comments.

karen, this big boy is actually staying. he’s doing well with the integration and we’re in love.

kathy, thanks for touching in on this. i imagine young, crazy Uli needs several good bops on the nose … frequently. 😉

Kathy N. - I love that cat. If I didn’t already have one too many cats than the Animal Control By-law for Paris permits, I would be seriously looking at that cute critter. I’m a sucker for brown Tabbys. I hope you can keep him or find him a good home. Also, thank you, thank you, thank you for your comments about de-clawing. None of my guys are de-clawed. I wish de-clawing was outlawed in Canada. I too could go on and on about that subject! My polydactyl (brown Tabby named Dexter) with his 7 claws on the each front paw and five and six on his back paws was thrilled to learn that he could keep his claws, had lots of scratching posts and only had to subject himself to nail trimmings every other week when he came to live with us. He’s not so sure about the 3 dogs that also live with us though, but he’s getting braver. A good bop on the nose of Uli the puppy gets the message across.

Judy - He is a very handsome and lucky cat, lucky that you found him, Bless your Heart.

Karen - That is one good looking cat! How did he do with the home placement?

updated galleries

a very quick entry to let everyone know that the scruffy dog portfolio just received an overhaul. 


it was long overdue, and i’m happy to finally be showing you some of the work from more recent shoots.

featured above is Sea Monster blowing a bubble.


Jennie - Your new photos look great!

Jennie - Your new photos look great!

Liz - Awesome, as usual!

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