Chinook & George ~ {Kitchener-Waterloo pet photographer}

i had fun with these two scruffies during their fall photo session here in Scruffyville.  this is Chinook, a 10-year-old collie cross adopted as a puppy from the KW Humane Society …

01waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-475
and this is little, 6-year-old George, also a KWHS alum.

02waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-647
03waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-168
Chinook seemed to feel right at home on the scruffy dog settee.  in fact, i think she would have been quite happy to just lounge there while we continued the session without her.
04waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-40
05waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-81
06waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-21
one of Jennifer’s goals for this session — besides a canvas, prints, and an album for each George and Chinook — was that i capture images of Chinook with her ears up.  In Jennifer’s words: “the one must have shot is a picture of Chinook with her ears up (as in not flattened/back). I have been trying to get a good picture of this for almost 9 years.”  perhaps it was the magic of the forest, but fortunately we had no problem perking Chinook’s ears up.

07waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-109
08waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-130
09waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-208
with Chinook and George’s Big Picture session, we had lots of time for the settee, the forest, romping in the field, the meadow, and even down on the beach, giving us great variety for their individual albums!

10waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-291
11waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-325
12waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-330
13waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-376
14waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-413
15waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-438
16waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-468
17waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-517
18waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-578
19waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-651
20waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-680
21waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-697
22waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-753
23waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-811
just how pretty is this sweet girl?

24waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-785

25waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-804
thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your two beautiful scruffs with me, and allowing me to capture their spirits.

26waterloo_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chinook george beckett-446


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