Brandi & Toby ~ {London pet photographer}

a year and a half behind in blogging, but better late than never, right?  meet Brandi and Toby!  Brandi, the golden retriever, is not new to the scruffy dog scene.  this was her second session, only this time she brought along her new baby brother Toby from London for their dog photography session!

01_london_ontario_pet_photographer_brandi toby landry-165
02_london_ontario_pet_photographer_brandi toby landry-104
looking back on Brandi’s first scruffy session, it’s clear that she’s filled out and matured a little, even though her energy and spirit are still very much ‘puppy’ like her brother.

03_london_ontario_pet_photographer_brandi toby landry-180
Brandi and Toby’s guardians wanted to utilize the scruffy dog settee this time around … and these two were more than happy to lounge.

04_london_ontario_pet_photographer_brandi toby landry-84
05_london_ontario_pet_photographer_brandi toby landry-25-Edit
07_london_ontario_pet_photographer_brandi toby landry-75
06_london_ontario_pet_photographer_brandi toby landry-67
08_london_ontario_pet_photographer_brandi toby landry-235
little Toby, at only 9 months of age, was still a handful to work with, but fortunately the cameras love King Charles Cavalier.

09_london_ontario_pet_photographer_brandi toby landry-186
10_london_ontario_pet_photographer_brandi toby landry-195
11_london_ontario_pet_photographer_brandi toby landry-199
12_london_ontario_pet_photographer_brandi toby landry-221
13_london_ontario_pet_photographer_brandi toby landry-224
14_london_ontario_pet_photographer_brandi toby landry-277
15_london_ontario_pet_photographer_brandi toby landry-314
16_london_ontario_pet_photographer_brandi toby landry-350
thanks for continuing to trust me with your 4-leggers’ images, Bonnie and Giles.  it’s always a pleasure to work with you guys!

17_london_ontario_pet_photographer_brandi toby landry-418


Hans Aberg - Wow.. These are the amazing pictures. I really love the pictures of dogs, as they look very cute and adorable.

I always wanted to get the as such pictures of my dog too but it become very difficult for me to control him while photography.But, these pictures has really attract me.

Thanks buddy. Definitely contact you back. 🙂

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