Boston & Woody ~ {Ontario horse and dog photographer}

when Brandon and Marie contacted me last year about a session for their horse and dog, you know i was on board.  and when i found out that Woody — a thoroughbred and French Coach cross — was over 30 yrs old, well, as a born horse-person with many years in the saddle, i just had to meet this gentleman!

01waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-284-2
of course, Boston was your typical goofy, energetic brown lab.

02waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-558
we spent time with Woody first … letting him out in the pasture for a little romp, even though the lure of fresh grass was a little difficult to resist.

03waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-120
04waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-7
05waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-107
06waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-29
07waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-39
08waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-62
09waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-20
Marie’s description of her long-time event horse: “Woody gave me every effort since the day I got him right until I retired him at 26. I almost lost him 3 years ago and I am so thankful he decided he wasn’t ready to leave this world yet! He holds such a special place in my heart – not only was he my competition horse, but he’s gotten me through some immensely difficult times that at some points even my human friends couldn’t get me through. He’s the horse version of me. Maybe that sounds odd, but I don’t know how else to explain it!”

10waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-140-Edit
11waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-265-Edit
12waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-167
13waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-291
but the bond Marie shares with Woody does not overshadow her bond with Boston, who has been attached to Marie’s hip since puppyhood.

14waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-175
we had fun with both Woody and Boston in the early wheat …

15waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-237-2
16waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-213-2
… and although we had every intention of heading into the woods for some shots, we couldn’t come even within 50′ of the forest before hearing the swarms of mosquitoes waiting for us … so we stuck to more open areas.

17waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-518
18waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-371
19waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-381
20waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-360
and Boston enjoyed a dip in a nearby watering hole.

21waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-476
22waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-448
23waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-464
24waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-441
thanks, Brandon and Marie, for sharing your gorgeous boys with me!

25waterloo_horse_dog_photographer_boston woody moffatt-201


Jen Metzger - Darn you and your wheat field! 🙂 Love the first shot, exceptionally stunning and would instantly be a canvas on my wall.

Shelley Castle Erickson - Beautiful. Gorgeous light and location.

Charlotte Vandervalk - Awesome photos Illona! Love that wheat field!

Barb Priestley - Oh, these are just the most amazing photos of a horse and his dog. I don’t know how anyone could choose one photo over another. They are all brilliant.

Holly Garner-Jackson - Spectacular series, Illona!

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