a couple of my favorite scruffnuts ~ {Toronto pet photographer}

these two … ohmydog, what can i say about Bosco and Ms. Murfy?

01_Toronto_pet_photographer_Brussels_Griffon_bosco murfy-1028
for those of you who follow scruffy dog on Facebook, you’ll already have met these two scruffnuts from their first summer session.  it was so great to see these two fun-loving and crazy scruffs again for their second session which was actually shot Fall 2014 … and i thoroughly enjoyed them again in their studio session last winter!

02_Toronto_pet_photographer_Brussels_Griffon_bosco murfy-578
03_Toronto_pet_photographer_Brussels_Griffon_bosco murfy-611
04_Toronto_pet_photographer_Brussels_Griffon_bosco murfy-600
05_Toronto_pet_photographer_Brussels_Griffon_bosco murfy-625
i just love Bosco so much …

06_Toronto_pet_photographer_Brussels_Griffon_bosco murfy-621
… and Murfy’s expressions are priceless.

07_Toronto_pet_photographer_Brussels_Griffon_bosco murfy-659
08_Toronto_pet_photographer_Brussels_Griffon_bosco murfy-669
09_Toronto_pet_photographer_Brussels_Griffon_bosco murfy-707
10_Toronto_pet_photographer_Brussels_Griffon_bosco murfy-741
11_Toronto_pet_photographer_Brussels_Griffon_bosco murfy-723
12_Toronto_pet_photographer_Brussels_Griffon_bosco murfy-778
13_Toronto_pet_photographer_Brussels_Griffon_bosco murfy-725
14_Toronto_pet_photographer_Brussels_Griffon_bosco murfy-948
15_Toronto_pet_photographer_Brussels_Griffon_bosco murfy-969
16_Toronto_pet_photographer_Brussels_Griffon_bosco murfy-1005-Edit
17_Toronto_pet_photographer_Brussels_Griffon_bosco murfy-1077-Edit

i always love spending time with these scruffnuts … and i hope to share their studio images soon.


Kaylee Greer - Gorgeous work as always. these two little mugs are just to die for!! Gahhhh!!

Michelle Bradshaw - OMD…. I just love this breed!!!! These two are nothing short of adorable. Superb images Illona!!!!

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