the wild bunch ~ {Waterloo pet photographer}

meet the motley crew of Minnie, Baby and Mattie whom i had the pleasure of working with this past fall.

01_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-588
first there was Shih-tzu Mattie … consummate beggar and face-extraordinaire.

02_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-439
then came pretty Rottie girl Baby …

03_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-253
and the third addition to this pack was Fila Mastiff and winker, Minnie …

04_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-428
we had some wild, good times during their session … ripping up our natural runways …

05_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-69
06_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-127
… and figuring out just who was the branch-manager of this unlikely pack.

07_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-149
08_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-187
09_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-201
10_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-286
early fall offered us some gorgeous light …
11_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-451
12_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-474

… along with a few straggling flowers.

13_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-260
14_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-320
15_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-358
16_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-880
17_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-384
18_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-530
19_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-211
little Mattie’s face just loved the cameras, of course.
20_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-410
21_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-544
22_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-613-Edit
23_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-539
24_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-651
25_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-814

thank you, Mike and Robyn, for introducing me to you wonderful pack!

26_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-742
27_waterloo_pet_photographer_baby mattie minnie fernandes-216


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