Hudson ~ {Waterloo, Ontario professional pet photographer}

meet Hudson.  he had his Big Picture session last fall, and his guardians were after big variety for this 4-legged love of their life.

01-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-30
i have a lot of clients with black dogs who ask me what the best season is for their 4-legger.  i always tell them that any season suits, but i have to admit, my favorite is late fall … the tall dried grasses, the residual fall colors, and the dramatic skies, to me, are always a stunning backdrop for any dog, but especially these black dogs.

02-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-20
i took Hudson to an old barn i found a couple of years ago …

03-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-69
04-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-116
… and then we headed to one of my favorite spots for some fetching-fun.

05-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-176
06-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-208
07-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-245
08-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-321
09-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-388
one thing can be said of Hudson, he sports a long tongue … a phenomenally long tongue.

10-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-446
11-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-454

and there’s no denying he looks like a supermodel in the breeze …

12-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-488
13-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-485
14-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-500
15-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-812-Edit
16-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-861
17-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-843
18-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-532
Hudson also sports an incomparable smile.

19-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-572
20-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-540
21-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-662
22-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-751
23-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-588

this shot was captured by Laura on her phone … me looking for pockets of lights, and Hudson … well, Hudson just looking to pick my pockets.

we had to hit the river on a separate date for a short add-on session  due to weather and timing … and Hudson was pretty excited about the opportunity.

25-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-923
26-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-1110
27-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-950
28-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-1088
29-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-918
30-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-1023
31-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-1029
32-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-1039
thank you Laura and Chris, for two wonderful afternoons and for being such awesome clients.  and thank you, Hudson, for being such a stellar model.  it was truly an honor to work with all of you!

33-waterloo-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-hudson manning-1068


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