Henry & Martha ~ {Toronto professional dog stock photographer}

some dogs and some breeds are just made for the camera, and Henry and Martha — two much-loved Bernese Mountain Dogs — are such a breed.  when it comes to photographing dogs, some colors and coat types are just naturally loved by the camera, and Berners are one of those.  add to that a wonderful nature and an equally wonderful guardian to spend my afternoon with, and this Big Picture session turned into one of the most memorable sessions of last year.

i should also note – as there are still a couple of session openings for early November before the 2015 scruffy year is completely filled up — these photos of Henry and Martha were taken November 24th last year.  November is beautiful! …and probably my favorite month to shoot in.

01-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-58
02-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-135
because Henry enjoys swimming, i started the session down by the river near the studio.

03-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-111
04-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-39
05-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-81
06-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-93
07-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-125
08-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-107
09-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-22
10-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-70
11-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-148
12-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-393
13-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-387

14-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-433
15-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-168
16-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-201
17-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-192
18-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-215
we then headed up to the tunnel of trees location where i’ve got some great variety to play with, including the beach.

19-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-317
20-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-274
21-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-559
22-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-334
23-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-370
24-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-611
25-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-578
26-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-596
27-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-609
28-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-243
sadly, a little less than a year after their session, Henry passed due to cancer, leaving a Bernese-sized hole in his family’s heart.  this diagnosis was not on the table when guardian Doug booked his session for his dogs … proving the importance of having photos taken of your 4-leggers while they are vibrant and healthy and feeling good, and not waiting until a horrible diagnosis … whether by a professional or your own camera.

in Doug’s words: “I also wanted to thank you again, Illona, for all of the wonderful shots you took of Henry and Martha. I’ll always remember that as a wonderful day. At the time I just wanted to get some professional pictures taken of them while they were still vibrant. I thought we still had lots of time with them both, just another lesson that you can’t take anything for granted.”

29-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-462
30-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-473
31-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-506
32-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-511
33-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-545
34-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-553
35-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-631
36-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-651
Doug, it was truly an honor and a pleasure to meet and work with you, to meet your amazing dogs, and to be trusted to capture their spirit.

37-toronto-ontario-professional-dog-photographer-henry martha-661


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