Geordi & Jessie ~ top models ~ {Toronto, Ontario stock pet photography}

meet two of the most stellar models i have ever had the pleasure of working with — Jessie the Rottweiler, and Geordi the miniature schnauzer.

01toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_geordi jessie ladrillo-111-Edit

when mom Cheryl booked their Fine Focus session seven months in advance, she asked me if there was anything she could do to prepare her two scruffies for their session.  i love when guardians take the initiative and want to do whatever they can to get the most out of their session, and Cheryl really took our pre-session conversation and my suggestions to heart.  in fact, her girl Jessie was so amazing she is easily at the top of our scruffy dog model database for commercial sessions as an Endorsed model.  (you can read more about modeling opportunities on the commercial model application page.)

02toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_geordi jessie ladrillo-48
03toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_geordi jessie ladrillo-176
04toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_geordi jessie ladrillo-13
05toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_geordi jessie ladrillo-43
06toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_geordi jessie ladrillo-87
07toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_geordi jessie ladrillo-148
08toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_geordi jessie ladrillo-61
09toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_geordi jessie ladrillo-248
10toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_geordi jessie ladrillo-298
11toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_geordi jessie ladrillo-288
12toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_geordi jessie ladrillo-307
13toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_geordi jessie ladrillo-312
of course, once Jessie was done proving her skills as a top model, i think she felt somewhat compelled to show off some tongue tricks she’d clearly been working on … even seeming to impress little Geordie with them.

14toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_geordi jessie ladrillo-237

with the more serious business of posing done, it was time to let loose … and Geordie demonstrated his mad catching skills …

15toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_geordi jessie ladrillo-350
… and his furry torpedo-impersonations.
16toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_geordi jessie ladrillo-419
17toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_geordi jessie ladrillo-468
18toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_geordi jessie ladrillo-401
19toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_geordi jessie ladrillo-445
20toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_geordi jessie ladrillo-389
21toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_geordi jessie ladrillo-509
22toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_geordi jessie ladrillo-525
thanks, Cheryl, for sharing your two with me and for clearly doing your homework with them.   it absolutely paid off and i certainly hope to have these two in front of the cameras again.

23toronto_ontario_dog_stock_photography_geordi jessie ladrillo-427


Linda Ladrillo - Photographs are excellent.

Vladimir Godoy - cool!!!

Sandra Cabecciras - Omg,so impressive!!

Laura Greene - What amazing photos of these two sweeties. They truly deserve the super model status!

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