Remi, Kona & Pepper ~ {Hamilton, Ontario premier pet photographer}

let me introduce you to three lovely 4-leggers who belong to Patti of Unleashed Creations Grooming Salon in Hannon.  Patti came to scruffy dog territory for her Big Picture session last spring for some wild, wet fun.  first up we have Kona, the Australian Shepherd/Staffie cross …

01_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-179
… beautiful in the springtime light filtering through the new leaves.

02_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-217
and then there was Patti’s boy, Pepper, the well-groomed Cocker Spaniel.

03_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-108
04_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-130
and finally Remi, an Australian Kelpie adopted from a shelter from the US.

05_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-174
06_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-46
07_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-75
08_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-288
09_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-348
10_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-326
after the forest, we headed down to the river for some wild water fun where Kona really showed off her mad ball-catching skills …

11_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-668
12_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-550
13_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-505
14_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-517
15_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-583
16_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-465
17_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-576
18_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-563
19_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-545
20_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-654
… while Pepper preferred to stay high and dry.

21_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-702
22_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-722
then off to my nearby field for even more wild fun and athleticism.

23_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-814
24_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-836
25_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-777
27_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-846
28_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-919
29_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-932

30_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-989
of course, not everyone in Patti’s pack is perfectly equipped for retrieving and running …

31_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-1016
thanks for trusting scruffy dog to capture the energy and spirit of your pack of three, Patti.  it was such a pleasure!

26_hamilton_ontario_pet_photographer_best_dog_remi kona pepper shaw-771


Kate McLellan - What athletic dogs. Great shots. Love their expressions in the water. Pure joy.

Margie - These totally lifted my spirits. So soooo good!!! <3

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