Lucy & Poppy ~ {Oshawa pet exclusive photographer}

let me introduce you to two gorgeous greyhound girls who had their scruffy Seasons Session with me last year — Lucy and Poppy — from Bowmanville.  photographing dogs across three seasons is always a pleasure, creating big variety of images spanning the seasons and different settings, and these two beautiful girls did not disappoint.

Lucy here is a former racer from Birmingham, Alabama.

01-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-192
and this is Poppy.  i don’t actually have too many details on this sweet rescue girl as she was a last-minute addition to the session and a new adoption to the family!

02-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-63
03-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-45-Edit
04-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-172
05-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-280
06-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-169
07-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-252
but even though these girls had been together only a few weeks prior to their first session, they sure seemed close from the start.

08-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-292
09-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-261-Edit
for the girls’ fall session, we simply had to pull in along this side street with all of its lovely red leaves …

10-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-357
and then, of course, Jennifer wanted the tunnel of trees …

11-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-480
12-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-515
13-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-548
14-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-378
15-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-563
16-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-599
17-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-628
18-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-638-Edit
for their Winter session, we needed a warm but snowy day for these two thin-coated greyhounds, and fortunately Mother Nature complied.

19-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-707
20-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-781
21-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-761
22-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-826
23-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-837
24-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-856
25-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-741
26-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-885-Edit
27-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-930-Edit
28-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-964-Edit
29-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-724
thanks, Jenn, for sharing your beautiful girls with me.  i’m looking forward to putting together their album and other artwork for you!

30-toronto-ontario-professional--dog-photographer-lucy poppy real-818


Michelle Bradshaw - Again…. Stunning!!!!

Andy Mathis - You ladies look Maahvelous, simply maahvelous.

Lauren A Miller - Those pictures are so beautiful! Fantastic job! I just love greyhounds!

Pat Hurley Laird - Spectacular photos. Greys are a very special breed.

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