doing what you love ~ {Waterloo, Ontario pet-exclusive photographer}

just touching in to the blog with a message … a simple one about passion and drive, and focusing your life on doing what you love.

for those who know me (and even those who don’t but who ‘see’ me via social media) they know that there is absolutely nothing on this planet i love more than dogs … oxygen doesn’t even top dogs.  not even cheesecake or chocolate.  fact: i’d eat dirt the rest of my life if it meant sharing my life with a dog.

so i guess, in that, i chose right.  in fact, when i conceptualized this business almost a decade ago, “dogs or bust” was my motto.  honestly, i swore if i couldn’t make it as ‘animal exclusive’, i’d go back to writing novels … and i’m still willing to do that today before ever turning my cameras away from what i love most in the world.  this is my drive.  this is my passion.  and i hope you are living yours!

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Little Vistas - Thanks for sharing! Very inspirational!

Derk Steenblik - And we, the owners of four leggers that have captured our hearts and our souls are now and will be forever grateful for your passion and your drive. Thank you for your gifts and talents and your willingness to share them with others.

Holly Garner-Jackson - Your passion is your art as well as your life. I can’t imagine you any other way!

Amelia Durham - Gorgeous, well done!

Marylin Scheffer - Dogs or bust…, my kind of person!

Liz Silverstein - Unconditional love…

Margaret Chekouras Duerr - This is inspirational. Thank you!

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