Bo & Dallas giving up some pug love ~ {Toronto, Ontario pet photographer}

as we head into winter — our first storm brewing outside right now — my hope is to start bringing you some fuller blog entries on just a few of the many fabulous scruffies i had the pleasure of working with this year.  with less sessions during the snowy months, winter is a time for some badly -needed catching up on so many other aspects of the business, and in between all of that, it’s my opportunity to share with you a few more photos from the past year.

Bo & Dallas came from Toronto to scruffy dog territory for their session this fall.

loving some of the locations we have here at our disposal, and looking for a big canvas to go along with their album and prints, parents Pam and Nelson had the tunnel of trees in mind …
…as well as our favorite train tunnel where Bo & Dallas posed like little thugs … er … pugs.
Dallas is a pug-beagle cross who Pam and Nelson have had for ten months.  he was a rescue from a puppymill and adopted as a puppy through Speaking of Dogs canine rescue.
and Bo is a pug-boston terrier cross, adopted from someone who didn’t have the capacity to take care of his needs.
one of Dallas’s most endearing features, of course, is his extremely expressive eyes … i’ll admit, i had a lot of fun with both of these boys, but especially Dallas’s expressions.
and when it came to using the old, spikey post for a few photos, it was a no-brainer to use Dallas, and let his personality shine through…

of course, Bo wasn’t without a few expressions himself…

of course, we always let loose on our scruffy dog sessions, including playing with the scruffy dog balls … and it didn’t matter that i provided two balls … Dallas always wants Bo’s.
we also spent some time on the beach, where the true drama of the weather could really be seen …
in fact, in discussing the weather earlier in the day, we weren’t completely certain we would even be having a session.  but Nelson was determined to brave the elements … and it paid off.  big dramatic sky, then sun, then clouds, and sure, a few rain drops in between.
thanks for a memorable session, Pam and Nelson … and thanks Dallas and Bo for showing me your pugalicious attitude.


Marissa Shepherd - Do you just hang out with the dogs and the owner all day and take a million pictures of them? Because I don’t see how it would be possible to stage any of those pictures. They are all so cute, and so NATURAL! I love how you do these.

Cindy Sebestyen - I know that you like Dallas’ faces that he makes and so do I but I really do think that Bo is one of the most photogenic dogs I have ever seen- having said all of this, your pictures are breathtaking – Pam and Nelson showed me the album and I actually got a little teary eyed, they are amazing pictures.

Meghan Grace - Awesome Puggie photos, Ilona! What expressions they have on their faces!

Joni Solis - Pug mixes have fabulous looks on their faces! All of these are great!

Christine Upton - Can’t beat a Pug! Fun and games.

Robyn Elizabeth - Dallas going after Bo’s ball is classic- we have that going on in my house all the time 🙂 What an adorable photo shoot. Love the photos!

Judy Gadsby Belleville - Beautiful pictures…dogs faces say so much!

Holly Garner-Jackson - Ha! Those are great shots, illona! I especially like the ones where the red ball is stuffed in the pug’s mouth! So hilarious!

Judy - I love your work, it is awesome really, love the look on the dogs faces…they really say alot. Very , very nice. Thanks for sharing

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