more big canvases ~ {Ontario pet photographer}

as some of you blog-followers already know, scruffy dog is rapidly becoming known for our big, framed canvases.  it thrills me to no end when a client goes big because, from the beginning of scruffy dog, shooting for ‘artwork’ and albums full of memories has always been the goal … and nothing defines ‘artwork’ more than these gallery wrap canvases, set into a deep, contemporary float-frame.

for those of you who stopped by to see us at Woofstock, you’ll remember the above piece … now you can see in a home setting.

this canvas is 22×52″ … at that length, it’s a good fit over a standard-sized couch.

we always recommend anything from 52 – 60″ length for couch size … and quite often a lot of extra work goes into these pieces to gain that extra length.

for over the bed, you’re looking at 52 -60″ as well …

this is a queen-sized bed with a 22×52″ canvas (the frame adds another inch all around) … and again, i prefer developing the image so that we get more length and span across the wall …

… not to mention that the length gives a much more dramatic effect than standard sizes.  (and yes, the scruffies — ms fartypants and goobernuts mcscruffy — do follow me everywhere.)

the workmakship on these professional canvases is impeccable.  they simply can’t be compared with “consumer” canvases.  and the float-frames truly finish your piece, setting it off the wall with that contemporary flair and making it stand out as a piece of art vs. the “naked” look of an unframed, gallery canvas wrap that can often blend into the wall on which it is hanging.

like the canvases, the float-frames are top-quality: solid oak with a stain black finish, and with a unique and truly excellent honeycomb hanging system which allows for a lot of flexibility when hanging.

after these big pieces, the standard sizes almost look small, but not every wall can handle the big ones.  these two are 24×36″ … one with and one without the float-frame …

i’ve had a few clients recently — new and repeat — book sessions specifically with these large canvases in mind, and i’ll share the results of those in the next week or so when i pick up a couple of these pieces from the lab.


Andreia - Hi,
congratulations on the amazing pictures. A shame you are so far away, I would love you to photograph Lola (my full energetic hunting mix breed). If you ever decide to come to Norway you got a client!!
All the best,

Sam - love these canvases! never really thought much of them before seeing yours, now I’ll never get satisfied lol

Marla - Gorgeous, Illona.

Sandra - WOW……….

tori - i want one of nashy.

Mike Hayes - Just discovered you on flickr, and found your blog. I love your work!

Idil - Wow! These look fantastic! I’ve never done a canvas this big but now that we moved to our new home, I might try it. My only problem is that my photos aren’t nearly as good. I wish you could take my babies’ pics but Waterloo is too far from Montreal 🙁

Kim - My next canvas is going to be a big one that can go over my bed or couch!!

Holly Garner-Jackson - These look spectacular! I’d certainly consider something like those large ones, of course I’d expect you to decorate my house, too!

jennifer - Oh thank god. you ordered the one i wanted you to, of her in the grasses with the sun shining through them, it is SO spectacular and I think my fav of Matea, or at least my top 5….hard to say. 😉 I do wish I could see it in person though!!!

Jean - Beautiful Illona!

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