marvelous macy ~ {Ontario dog photographer}

you saw her sneak peek here, and now i get to share her full blog splash with a sampling from her Standard session.  yup, this is sweetiepie Macy, and if she can’t put a smile on your face, i’m not sure what will …

now there’s something you should know about Macy.  she is not your typical yorkie.  yeah, she’s tiny … like, really tiny … far tinier than her sister Bischa

but she’s got a big spirit, and she’s far more confident than any yorkie i’ve shot in the past.

she’s just an absolute doll, and a supremely willing model.

and she loves her mommy and daddy.

like a lot of clients these days, Macy’s parents wanted to head out to my favorite spot for the forest and the beach …

i do have other locations up my sleeve, but too many people love the “tunnel of trees” and i admit, i do love the light at the beach …

even on a grey, overcast evening, we can still pull some lovely, subtle colours out of the sky …

and i did mention that Macy loves her momma, didn’t i?

oh yeah, and Macy loves to run …

and she tolerates being set up into trees … mostly because there is the promise of squirrels …

and she really has the cutest hair-do …

thanks, Macy, for being such a fabulous little model.  and thanks Michelle and Shannon.  looking forward to seeing you at your studio consult.


Liz ~ elizabeth&jane - The first one looks like she’s smiling and the one of her running made me squeal (and i’m not even kidding!) haha. One of my favourite sessions I think.

illona - thanks so much, everyone, for your kind comments.

yes, Trevor, natural, available light.

leesia - amazing session! love those shots with just the feet to give the viewer a sense of how ridiculously tiny she is. and the braid! so cute.

Trevor in NS - More amazing work… I still can’t get over how beautiful your outdoor lighting is. Natural?

Also, congrats on the nomination… good luck!

Bev - That last shot suggest lots of SWAGGER! Spectacular session!

Holly Garner-Jackson - Good thing you are short on one end!
That one of mom and Macy gives me goose bumps!!!! These are amazing!

michelle bradshaw - illona,thanks for the magic…….

Lori - oh, my goodness — that lil’ braid almost did me in!!!
she looks like a real sweetheart, and you took some great photos, as always 🙂

Marla - Adorable and definitely smile inducing as promised 🙂

kate - i love the windblown beach shot best. the tiny little thing holding against a gusty wind.

aleksandra - gosh, i love those shots on the forest path. the texture and lighting are just luscious. and that late-afternoon warm sunlight is gorgeous.


Cheryl - Great pictures! As always. Little Macy sure does have a great hairdo.

MariClick - Preciosas fotos. Una sesión magnífica.

Margaret - That’s a tiny dog! But she sure is cute, and size obviously has nothin’ to do with personality! 🙂

Jill - What a great shoot and a great location! Are you willing to share where this secret spot is? Looks like a great hiking spot!

Tatyana - You must have been on your belly for half the session! What a sweet little thing she is 🙂

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