merrick’s new little friend ~ Ontario pet-exclusive photographer

i just had to share … merrick had a fabulous weekend … first the awesome outing with Waterloo Dog’s monthly group walk … and then later in the day, a visit from a little dog …

that’s Lucy, and trust me, i’ve seen big … i’ve shot great danes, great pyrenees, but this girl beat them all.  she took my breath away when she walked through the front door and i knew i had to bring her downstairs to grab a quick shot of merrick with his new buddy, while Lucy’s owners were here to pick up a gift certificate.

of course, merrick couldn’t figure out what to do about Lucy claiming all of his toys, but he’s a good boy that way … always a generous host … even sharing his brand new squeaky dog.

so that’s Lucy.  just had to share …


bublynski - What a beauty she is!! I love Merrick next to her – so confident and unphased by the giant girl!

Holly Garner-Jackson - Wow! Lucy is a big girl! Love to the the two of them together. Such a sociable guy, your Merrick!
Is the gift certificate for a Lucy shoot? I hope so!

Jackie - That’s very generous of Merrick to share! Love that last shot with the little toy hanging out from in under Lucy’s big lips!

DeeDee - LOL @ that last shot! Adorable series.

ashlee - Goodness, I love her!

Lisa B. - I particularly love that last picture, with the head of the toy jammed up under her giant lip. LOL!

Jennifer - LMAO at that last shot!!!!

dominique - Awww, such a gentleman. And Lucy is a whole big package of cute.

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