meet merrick


this boy has a story, and not a good one. but he’s making the best of things for now …


merrick loves balls, and balls is what he loves.  it’s probably the only thing he loves right now. these shots were possible only because of a ball … a chewed up, discarded, crushed old tennis ball.





thanks for tolerating the camera, merrick, and working so hard at overcoming your incredible fear.

more on this superscruffy soon … stay tuned.


Holly Garner-Jackson - Wow! Deja vu all over again!!!!
You’ve come a long way Merrick….. a long way!!! Well done illona!

Lauren - Hi Merrick! You look like you are really enjoying life now! 🙂

Jenni Heffner - you rock and merrick knows a great gal when he meets one… YOU ROCK:) Happy Holidays

Holly Garner-Jackson - Hey your new boy is going to have a great life. He deserves to have someone like you in his life. These photos are awesome as usual. The diptych is great and the one with the flag makes him look so proud. I know he’ll be that proud soon under your tutelage 😉
BTW you need a new flag.

Margaret - Merrick deserves all the balls he wants! 🙂

Susan Humphreys - Hi Ilona,
I have followed your wonderful photographs of your beautiful dogs for
about three years or so when my son showed me how to work a computer.
I absolutely adore Morley, he’s just the kind of dog I’d love. I hope you
don’t mind me commenting on here, (I haven’t got a clue how to get on
Flicker!) I just had to say that I know Merrick has found in you a
perfect owner, and it’s great he’s company for the mighty Morley.
I love seeing your pics all the way here in England,they really cheer
me up too, if I’m feeling a bit down. Your dogs are so lucky to have an
owner like you. Take care, and give Morley a big hug frome me.!

andrea - your shots never fail to amaze me!! so beautiful! it’s always a pleasure to spend some time on your blog.. 🙂

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