sometimes we get a little stir-crazy around here

forgive me viewers, it has been two weeks since my last confess … er … posting.

with the Christmas rush over, things have finally quieted down somewhat at scruffy dog headquarters.  then again, “quiet” is always a relative term … i thought i’d share a few images of what my two scruffies view as quiet time …





in an attempt at a psych-out, morley’s spin-and-reverse maneuver stops matea in her tracks …


… and causes a near collision …


and as the old man loses interest matea drags her bunny into the fray …



but morley’s done …


for those who don’t know it, morley is 14 1/2 (adopted at 9 years of age).  honestly, he doesn’t play much, especially with the queen of terror … so when these two DO get their rip on, it’s something i definitely try to capture.

enjoy yourselves, and your dogs!


illona - thanks, everyone. as morley is aging rapidly and losing his sight, i know i’m going to treasure these photos.

leesia … bounced flash, camera set to shutter priority.

leesia - whoa! indoor action shots with no blur?! i am in awe. such great every-day moments captured here.

Michelle - Great shots! Looks like they were having a blast!

karen - Oh those two!!!! Love the photos.

Jenn - Great images, I love it when dos get their crazy on:>

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