urban Uno

meet one fantastic little white froo …


it’s Uno!! man, i love this mighty schnoodle. definitely worth the snarl of long-weekend traffic through Toronto to get to.


and you’ll have to forgive me for not managing to keep my selection of blog-photos a little more limited when it comes to this clownish boy …



… but i just can’t help myself.  i had so much fun with the little guy and owners Senya and Ian.



i also loved that Senya and Ian grooved on my ideas for “urban Uno”.   as i was driving to Uno’s house i happened to glance down a street and spotted this deserted school a block down.  we just had to check it out.


… because i have to admit, by around september, i get a little tired of green grass as a backdrop.


and is it just me or do you think Uno seemed a little intimidated by the “no Manchester terriers allowed” sign posted?  no worries, Uno, i didn’t see any “no schnoodles” signs.  we’re good.



and on the walk home, we found this funky wall … which of course required me to cozy into the gutter along with the cigarette butts, but at that point i would’ve done anything for Uno …


then home for a wee bit of chillin’ …


although Uno didn’t seem impressed with the concept of having to lie in his own bed.  come on, guys, seriously?!


much better …


and even better yet …


and of course, every good dog is willing to share his bed with his peeps …


thanks Senya and Ian for a special afternoon.  you have a truly fantastic little boy … wonderfully trained, calm and stable, and beautifully socialized.  if he ever goes missing, you might want to call me first.  🙂

and thank YOU, Uno.



JD - Great, great, great captures of this adorable guy! Fantastic work!

Jean - What a delightful character. You did a great job of capturing the many sides of Uno.

Linda B. - You have captured the essential Uno-meister! The commentary only adds to the fun.
Love, from Senya’s mom

Pammy - Fantastic series of images! Love them all.

Frank - That’s one adorable schnoodle, and all the captures are super!! You are the best when it comes to seeing the possibilities of a particular canine!!

karen - Those were fab! I love the leather chair one, snuggled up to the arm. Great job!

Idil - You did a wonderful job with this cutie pie, Illona! I love every single shot!

Liz - Simply beautiful – and cramming yourself into the gutter was a great idea, the graffiti shot is my fave!

Jennifer - These are so great, I wish you could come photograph Blue! I love the first one and the shot on the bed with his people in the background. What a happy guy.

Deanne - I fall in love with every dog you shoot.

tee4tia - I would want posters of all these shots. what an adorable snoo, it looks like you captured the essence of Uno.

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