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the red dogs ~ (Toronto pet photographer}

Meet the two gorgeous red dogs who came from Toronto for their scruffy session almost two years ago!  (Yes, I’m that behind on blogging, but really wanted to share these two with you all.)  Meet,  Baby and Teddy …

01_toronto_pet_photographer_baby teddy au-338Baby and Teddy’s guardians had a big canvas and a bunch of prints in mind for their two superstars, so we headed to the tunnel of trees location for a few epic shots to answer those wants … and there were happy tails all around!

02_toronto_pet_photographer_baby teddy au-27003_toronto_pet_photographer_baby teddy au-327Of course, no scruffy session would be complete without some wild times … and these two siblings hardly acted their 11 years of age … tearing up the scruffy runways no matter which direction you pointed them.

04_toronto_pet_photographer_baby teddy au-1505_toronto_pet_photographer_baby teddy au-3506_toronto_pet_photographer_baby teddy au-77While Baby’s floppy ear was pretty irresistible …

07_toronto_pet_photographer_baby teddy au-103… Teddy’s smile defied description.

08_toronto_pet_photographer_baby teddy au-11809_toronto_pet_photographer_baby teddy au-11410_toronto_pet_photographer_baby teddy au-149We had some fun with the long summer grasses …

11_toronto_pet_photographer_baby teddy au-15212_toronto_pet_photographer_baby teddy au-381And, in spite of Babby and Teddy’s description as “fun-loving, couch potato kissers”, they took to their new roles of ‘supermodels’ very quickly.

13_toronto_pet_photographer_baby teddy au-17214_toronto_pet_photographer_baby teddy au-20915_toronto_pet_photographer_baby teddy au-288And of course, being siblings, taking a few moments out to show signs of affection was not off the menu, as Teddy demonstrated for us.

16_toronto_pet_photographer_baby teddy au-379Thanks, Bernard and Helen, for sharing your beautiful reddogs with me and for entrusting me to capture their spirit!

17_toronto_pet_photographer_baby teddy au-315

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