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Gulliver ~ {Waterloo professional dog photographer}

meet young Gulliver … a mini-doodle whom i had the pleasure of shooting a fall Big Picture session in 2014 (yeah, yeah, yeah, i’m that behind with blogging!).  on Gulliver’s session application, when asked what feature of his was their favorite, his mom replied: “his expressive eyes” and it wasn’t long into the session before Gully showed me just how much he could work those peepers!

01-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-13as i do with a lot of sessions that involve the home, we start indoors … while scruffy is still clean … because who knows what kinds of wild, crazy, messy stuff we can get into during a session!  and while at home, Gully was happy to show me his favorite pastimes …

02-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-18… chillaxin’ with his family …

03-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-58… and stealing his baby sister’s bassinet, of course.

04-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-8705-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-94speaking of baby sister …

06-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-109oh, she just can’t get enough of her big brother Gully …

08-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-145but he manages to keep her at bay with a rather skilled tongue.

09-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-15110-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-163soon, however, it was clear that Gully was ready for the outdoor segment of his scruffy session.

11-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-450into the woods we headed …

12-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-25313-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-21214-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-20015-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-305and the fields …

16-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-345and always with that crazy little sister in tow …

17-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-33318-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-34219-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-40320-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-37821-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-527Gully demonstrated his skills as a landshark ….

22-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-746-Edit23-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-646bringing me not just the ball, but also leaves …

24-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-660

25-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-718

26-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-63627-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-53428-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-513-Editand this is why we do home shots at the beginning of a session … down and dirty and wet Gully!

29-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-76330-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-79731-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-78132-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-86933-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-80734-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-811thanks, Melissa and Bob for sharing your fabulous boy with me … and your amazing delightful daughter!  it was truly a pleasure!

35-waterloo-ontario-dog-stock-photography-gulliver george-820

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