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the three scruffketeers ~ {Brampton dog photographer}

so how about this motley crew of scruffies?  this is Jethro, Joker and Chewy … three rescue dogs who hail from Brampton and sure do love their trips to Waterloo for their photo sessions.  this is just a small sampling of images from their fall 2014 session.01_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chewy jethro joker II-628you might remember Jethro from his first scruffy session a while back.  at that time he was one part of a two-member pack with Chewy … a failed-foster who took an instant shine to the monster-scruff Chewy.

02_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chewy jethro joker II-141-EditChewy was Liz’s first adoption out of this pack of three, and both he and Jethro were adopted through Ugly Mutts.

03_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chewy jethro joker II-500-Editbut this Fine Focus session centered around the fabulous Joker.

04_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chewy jethro joker II-694i first met Joker at Woofstock when Liz came by the scruffy dog booth to visit and show me her latest foster dog.  let’s just say, Liz sucks at fostering.  😉05_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chewy jethro joker II-616…and i’m glad she does, because Liz sure knows how to pick ’em.06_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chewy jethro joker II-5107_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chewy jethro joker II-59just look at this lovely boy!

08_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chewy jethro joker II-24009_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chewy jethro joker II-27210_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chewy jethro joker II-10811_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chewy jethro joker II-33212_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chewy jethro joker II-417-Edit13_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chewy jethro joker II-69214_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chewy jethro joker II-794as always, Liz, thanks for sharing your 4-leggers with me.

15_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chewy jethro joker II-77716_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chewy jethro joker II-761and, Joker, welcome to one of the awesomest packs i know!

17_ontario_pet_exclusive_photographer_chewy jethro joker II-812

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