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badger & hecktor ~ {Toronto, Ontario pet photographer}

what … i mean, what can i say about Hecktor and Badger?  …two cairn terrierist extraordinaires who came from Toronto for their fall scruffy session with mom Rita.  look at these faces!  they had an absolutely miserable time at their scruffy session.  just horrible.  hard to pick a favorite when looking down at these two absolutely sad, miserable faces, huh?

i loved working with these guys … and Hecktor’s repertoire of expressions was rather rich …… no matter which end i was shooting.and just when i started to think that Hecktor was my favorite, i’d focus on Badger and fall in love with her …i mean, check out that smile…Rita is the Director of the very busy Royal York Animal Hospital in Etobicoke, and clients there are already familiar with scruffy dog photos from the artwork hanging on the walls.  it was awesome to spend some time with Rita outside of the hospital, see her with her dogs, in nature, just relaxing……and of course, Badger and Hecktor certainly weren’t complaining about the getaway.i had such fun with both of these guys at the tunnel of trees, on the trail, on the beach …… but before we lost all the light of the day, Rita and i raced downtown for a few alley shots.  i think by then Hecktor was finally feeling a little mellower and maybe even a little worn out!but old girl Badger was still doing her best to strike a pose.thanks so much, Rita, for all of your support of scruffy dog, for introducing me to your two fabulous scruffnuts, and for entrusting me with their photographic memories.  it was a true pleasure to capture their images and get to know them.

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