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another facebook mash-up ~ {Ontario pet photographer}

as i always say, if you want to keep on top of what’s going on here at scruffy dog, see the latest client sessions, and hear the latest news, it’s a good idea to follow us on facebook.  SDP‘s facebook page is where you’ll not only see new photos daily, but catch up on all the latest goings on … like our new contest coming up next week to win your own scruffy session to celebrate Merrick Goobernuts’ re-birthday.  and our call for models for our One-on-One mentoring sessions for visiting photographers from across the US and Canada throughout March and April and into the summer.

yes, all of this and more on the scruffy dog facebook page.  it’s the place to be!  and if you are already following SDP but we’re not showing up in your feed (because facebook is severely throttling business pages’s feeds these days, and we are reaching less than 14% of our followers), here’s what you need to do:

1. hover over the “Liked” button (because we’re assuming you already “Like” SDP!); a drop-down menu will appear;

2. make sure the “Get Notifications” is selected;

3. make sure the “Show in Newsfeed” is selected;

4. if you want to get even fancier, you can create an “Interests Lists” and add SDP to that.

And if we’re STILL not showing up regularly in your feed (as we have received reports from a number of followers who have done the above and are still seeming to miss out) …

5. make a couple of comments under some photos on the SDP wall, and “like” or “share” a couple of photos.  even just a little activity on a business page demonstrates to the FB gearheads that you’re definitely interested in the page, and they will supposedly start filtering that page’s posts more regularly into your feed.

in the meantime, if you’re not following SDP on facebook, we’ll always try to keep you caught up here on the SDP blog … although we might be a few months behind!  and remember, you can always subscribe to the SDP blog and be notified via email whenever a new entry is posted by using the “subscribe” tab over there on the left!

not unlike a lot of very busy photographers, SDP uses the quieter winter months to catch up on archiving.  in so doing, i ran across a number of gems i hadn’t shared before.  … like this gem of sweet Sarah from her scruffy summer session.

… and this one of the very handsome Charlie showing off his Karma collar….

and the super adorable Gus … one of my favorite scruffy clients ever.

of course, i simply had to share this one of the adorable Buster in the Distillery District.

and this is Abby, enjoying the summer grasses …

… the very handsome Duke.

and a little black-and-white conversion of Penny on her porch.

one of the most stunning dogs i’ve had the pleasure to work with is Boots from New York City.  you can see her and her sister Mollie’s full blog entry here.  diagnosed with cancer prior to her Honor Sessions™, Boots’ family had to say goodbye to their sweet rescue girl some months ago.  it was an absolute honor to have been entrusted to capture her images.

and then there is the sweet sweet Mabel … and her pesky brother Murdoch.  one of my favorite sessions ever.

Data came from Toronto to scruffy dog territory for his session …a little fun on the beach …

and in the big woods…

and what about the handsome Domi?

… using his brother as a pillow?

this handsome boy is Bentley and belongs to photographer Katy Brunkard

…and this is Tikka … i have no words.  but you’ll be seeing more of this monkey in the fall.  hopefully she’ll be a little more … um … mature by then.

how handsome is Rocky?

i just love Scout’s wag and happy face…

of course, no facebook mash-up would be complete without at least a couple of contributions from the resident scruffies.  merrick mcscruffy had to show off his new ball.

…it pretty much tuckered him out.

and an older shot of my me and my old girl matea

…and who doesn’t love a bath shot?

we hope you’ve enjoyed this latest facebook mash-up!  as i always say, if you want to keep your paw on the pulse, join the super-active scruffy dog facebook page!

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  • Pam PurvesThese are fantastic. I, too, am doing dog portraiture – just started – and saw your images in Orangeville at the vet’s. You are my new inspiration!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle BradshawAwesome blog illona…went on an emotional roller coaster ride again. Every shot just warms my heart. Thak you!ReplyCancel

  • Kaylee GreerThe light in the image of Rocky in the pond is absolutely to die for!! Magical! 🙂ReplyCancel

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