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a little behind-the-scenes ~ {Ontario pet-exclusive photographer}

for this blog entry i bring you a little taste of things behind-the-scenes here at scruffy dog.  a few products, a glimpse at some album spreads, some storyboard print templates, and — of course — the goober.

first up, i thought i’d share with you a piece i put together for my fabulous vets at the Highway 24 Vet Clinic.  this piece is 70″ wide, and i loved putting it together.  ironically, the puppy and the incredible diving Paige are from the same breeder … and the lovely senior is the unforgettable Cassy at 17 1/2 years old.and speaking of big pieces … here is just one of the many SDP canvases that left the studio lately … cute little Emjay in our favorite train tunnel.  this canvas is 40″ wide, which — by scruffy dog standards — is a moderate size.  scruffy dog canvases have ranged up to 7′ in length!  i also wanted to share with you just a few of storyboard templates i’ve designed for our scruffy clients.  this one of little Macy is a 16×16″ framed print.  it’s currently at the lab, and is going to look fabulous with an ample 4″, double, white matting and deep, black, satin-finish frame.  i can’t wait to see it!and how about this one of the adorable Dallas?this piece is a 16×24″ storyboard print of Cosmo, and — like Macy’s above — is going to look amazing with the wide, white, double-matting and 2″ deep frame.

and Ripken looks absolutely fab in his storyboard, showcasing his many expressions…i’d also like to share a couple of spreads from our SDP Signature albums.  this one is of little Mickey.

…and Rico.and while on the subject of Rico, here’s a little before-and-after from Rico’s session on the most perfect of autumn days.i also thought i share a few fun things i do with some images, whether it’s a special message like merrick’s…… or the “pet stats” template i created for a little extra fun on facebook.and here’s a storyboard i created of my boy for sharing on facebook, showing the transformation he has undergone from his former breeding life for a puppymill/barnyard breeder to confident, water-loving superhero dog.   the photo of merrick flying over the water was taken by Nancy Villwock from Chicago during her scruffy mentoring session this past summer.  i absolutely love it!

of course, merrick’s job description entails more than just mentoring-session model!  he’s the SDP greeter and client lap-warmer, he’s a therapist, he’s my court jester, he’s the heartbeat of scruffy dog, and, well, he’s a big helper during scruffy sessions as well!  he’s assisted on more than a few sessions with extremely shy and fearful dogs, helping them relax and come out of their shells a bit more with the concept of a photo session and in the face of the big scary cameras.

in the case of the photo below on a session for repeat clients Julie and Dru, the goober wasn’t really needed, but given that they both adore the goober, they were gung-ho on merrick joining us for Max & Sophie’s big session.  and it appears that merrick showed young Sophie just a few moves.

another ‘share’ is the DVDs that are included with all scruffy dog packages.  these DVDs include your full gallery (for future reference), digital-frame-sized images as well as social-media-sized images for sharing!  with scruffy dog packages, we leave you wanting for nothing more; we want you to get it all!i hope you’ve enjoyed this little glimpse behind-the-scenes at scruffy dog.

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  • Jess KampLoved seeing the otherside of SDF! This is very inspiring {like all of your work} but still I love seeing how you do it 🙂ReplyCancel

  • JulieI just LOVE (insert singing) your pictures of dogs! I LOVE dogs and the way you capture their spirits is too beautiful for words! Thank you!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Jen MetzgerThe storyboards are great! I have my favorites but don’t want to offend anyone. 🙂 I will say I LOVE the top one with the quote, such a fabulous idea to use a favorite quote. I assume these are not canvas but rather photographic prints since you are using a mat and frame?ReplyCancel

    • illonayes, Jen, they are prints. i create storyboards only for print or floatmount, reserving canvas for that one stellar piece … to me, canvas is more like artwork.ReplyCancel

  • LoganI have always had trouble with post-processing my photos (I use Adobe Lightroom)… But you do an amazing job with it 🙂

    I love the storyboard of Cosmo (my favorite one)!ReplyCancel

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