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boots & mollie, new york city gals

meet Boots and Mollie …

that’s Boots up front– where this gorgeous girl tends to be — and just-a-little-shy Mollie hanging back a bit.

we started our shoot with a little running … letting the girls stretch their long legs …

when i first laid eyes on the stunning Boots, i couldn’t refrain from mentioning the slight resemblance to our Canadian TV hero The Littlest Hobo.  and ironically, Cenza, Boots’ mom, had just that week seen some 30-year-old reruns of the show for the first time, and actually knew what i was referring to.

these two gorgeous gals live in New York City, but are both rescues from the Caribbean.  Boots was found at only 4 weeks of age, starving and alone, under a car.

three years later, in the midst of a hurricane, Mollie joined the family when the local humane society was looking for foster families for misplaced animals.  she went from foster to adopted immediately.

now, the sad part in all of this is that Boots is battling cancer.  like a true dog, however, this girl is living each day to the fullest.  just look at that happy face!

we had a lot of fun in the woods …

… in the surrounding grassy areas …

… and on the beach.

it was awesome meeting you gals.  Cenza and Massimo, i hope you’re enjoying your girls’ gallery!

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  • CenzaIllona,
    It has been years since we met but our photo session with you have lived in our hearts.
    We always look back on that day with such fondness as our sweet girls had a wonderful time. You captured their deep bond and love of life, thank you!
    Boots stayed with us a short while longer, in fact she made it for the drive across the country from New York to Arizona. We were blessed with 2 months and then it was time to let her go.
    As life would have it we are back in the Caribbean, where we first got them. Mollie immediately recognized it as her home– she loves the beach.
    We couldn’t leave Arizona without another addition to the family so we rescued a Heeler mix.

    Just wanted to say thanks again and wish you continued success.
    Tropical reagrds,
    Cenza, Massimo
    Mollie & PradaReplyCancel

  • jenniferWhat a fun shoot, and how awesome they are both rescues, what lucky dogs. I wish Boots the best, knowing what it is like to have a dog battling cancer. Sometimes they beat the odds so lets hope for the best. There are so many I like I don’t have a favorite!ReplyCancel

  • Holly Garner-JacksonWhat can I say! These are great! I love the action and reflection shots best, but they are all great!ReplyCancel

  • KarenThey are beautiful dogs and I think you’ve captured a sense of their nobility, in the images, Illona.ReplyCancel

  • mollieYes, my name is Mollie too, for real. Loved this post, the different perspectives and compositions. Nice work.ReplyCancel

  • michelle bradshawI just watched the Littlest Hobbo on Sat, and you’re right…you can see the resemblance!! Boots and Mollie are gorgeous, as are all of your shots illona. I can’t even pick a favourite.
    I’m sure their owners will be delighted with their gallery!!ReplyCancel

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