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memphis’ custom shoot ~ {Waterloo, Ontario pet photographer}

for those of you who follow scruffy dog photography on Facebook, you’ll have already met Memphis.  and for those of you who don’t follow SDP on Facebook … um … why not?  it’s where you’ll catch all the latest!

so this is Memphis …

these first few shots were taken during a pre-shoot session.  “a what?” yup, a pre-shoot shoot …

and why the need for a pre-shoot session?  well, here’s the thing … we use this train tunnel from time to time, and — not unlike a few other scruffy dog clients — the graffiti in the tunnel was something that Memphis’ owners definitely wanted for their boy.  and, hoping to capitalize on the awesome skull that they’d seen in our recent shoots there, they decided to book a Starter session now, before their fuller Standard session later this fall.

however, after a quick trip down to the tunnel, Memphis’s dad, Don, discovered that the graffitied skull had been covered up.  yes, it’s quite a busy tunnel!

so, being a bit of an artist in his own right — decades building and painting NHL goalie masks, and now painting NASCAR driver helmets — Don decided to paint his own graffiti for his boy … and in order to establish the best spot for his artwork, we arranged a pre-shoot.  and that section right above Memphis’ head was the decided-upon canvas.

after some arranging, a busy morning, and a surreptitious rendezvous, we were set.  Don had a busy morning, i was on call, and Memphis was in waiting.  and when we brought Memphis into the tunnel that second time, with Don’s work fresh on the concrete wall, i kid you not, one of the first things Memphis did was check out his dad’s work!

… perhaps a little intimidated by the bull terrier skull looming behind him?

” … maybe if i don’t look at it.”

but overall, i think the big boy approved, as quite soon he was relaxed and posing …

even a little action-jackson …

just look at this gorgeous boy!

“hey, lady, put that camera away and give me some more treats already!”


“hey, dad? you finished? we gettin’ outta here any time soon?”

thanks for a fun afternoon, Don and Memphis.  can’t wait to pick up your canvas for you guys!  and i’m really looking forward to our fall session.

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  • AdamMay I ask where in Waterloo this location is?ReplyCancel

  • PaulaLove that Bully look. My mini bully Jet would look awesome here!ReplyCancel

  • sarah danksOh wow. I love love LOVE these shots! Great background (and not-so-clandestine artwork!), WONDERFUL dog; super shots.ReplyCancel

  • Sonja (and Montecristo Travels)LOVE the graffiti …. just love it. THAT is our style for sure!ReplyCancel

  • Holly Garner-JacksonWell the snarl and the beg get my votes!! So much going on here and you nailed it!!ReplyCancel

  • julieThis has got to be one of my favorite shoot of yours! 1) Great location 2) I love the interactive nature of the shoot, using dad’s very cool artwork and 3) Memphis is such an expressive dog! Great job at catching his entertaining personality. # 2 & Memphis walking down the length of the tunnel are my favorite, favorites. Hi Memphis, I love you!ReplyCancel

  • Don StrausIt’s great to see the finished products! Thanks for taking the time, and sharing in our ‘special project’. It was a lot of work, and a lot of fun – and it shows in the images! Look forward to see what happens in the fall half of the shoot.ReplyCancel

  • Christine LobsingerOutstanding dog photography~ I’ve never, and I mean NEVER, seen anything like your pet dog photography skills before, and I’ve seen so much pet photography on since I’ve joined there three years ago.
    Your skills are truly impressive- Memphis should be in magazines! Truly wonderful ‘storytelling’ shots!

    Smiling With You,

  • ErinI love your technique and locations. As an aspiring pet photographer myself I would love any critiques you may have for the pictures on my blog! Your work is amazing and you seem to be able to capture the dogs personality. I especially like the one with him trotting down the tracks.ReplyCancel

  • Grace VFantastic! Such great expressions you’ve captured.ReplyCancel

  • ColinaI’m in absolute awe! This has got to be one of the best series of Pet Photography I’ve ever seen! Every element comes together perfectly, the subject, the background, the collar – just spectacular! It would be great if one of the No Ban clubs picked up this dog as an ambassador!ReplyCancel

  • LainerOMG! This is a fantastic story, and I love the photos. the graffiti art is awesome too. I love reading your posts. I clicked the link on Facebook, which is so convenient. I get so distracted with all of the websites, and find Facebook is my home base for keeping in touch with other people’s websites. I just moved from CT to AZ, and haven’t had the time to scroll through your blog. Boy, am I glad I saw your Facebook blurb. Beautiful work, girl!ReplyCancel

  • LoriI love love love love this location Illona!!ReplyCancel

  • DLukerThe scruffy gods were definitely smiling on y’all for this session! The shots where Memphis (such a cool name) is “reacting” to the scull are absolutely fantastic! Excellent work!ReplyCancel

  • sarahhow cool is this?!? love it.ReplyCancel

  • Rachel LaurenEvery time I see a session in this tunnel, it makes me want to shoot in front of graffiti even more! I need to get on that!

    On another note, Memphis is a gorgeous dog, and you captured him so well (I’m jealous, I want to photograph one of these guys so bad!)

    The addition of his dad’s artwork is an awesome touch!ReplyCancel

  • JeffI’m in pixel love. EVERYTHING has come together to make this series one of your best. Incredible.ReplyCancel

  • Gladys CalderonLove these shots you are definately really good with taking doggie pics please contact me with information on how my Chico can get a session with you.ReplyCancel

  • MargaretWhat a handsome, handsome boy Memphis is!ReplyCancel

  • KimAwesome. I always love the background and contrast that this tunnel provides!! The fact that Don could paint his own background is amazing.ReplyCancel

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