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puglletude ~ {Ontario dog photographer}

thought i’d share a few pics of a little guy i had a shorter shoot with last week.  meet Milo …

he’s an intense little puggle who was seriously captivated by me and the cameras …

after hearing about Milo’s high energy level, i had fully expected to have my hands full, and — as a result — lots of action shots with this little guy,  but i guess i’m just so gosh-darn mesmerizing … well, okay, truth be told, the treats i use are pretty darn awesome … that getting Milo to leave my ankles took some effort.

but the little goober didn’t fail to entertain with his expressions.

you’ll notice the orange line in some of these photos.  Milo couldn’t be trusted off-leash (not that he was going anywhere with the treats i was carrying, but we always put safety first at scruffy dog), so we used one of our long-lines for him.  these lines are removed in post for images which end up going to print, but otherwise, there’s simply no time to remove them.  at the same time, i do get a lot of pet photographers writing me to ask for info on the lines, so sometimes it’s beneficial to show them “in situ”, so people know what i’m referring to when talking about the long lines.

some may ask: “why not use a green line? so it can blend into the grass? and a tan line for beaches? etc.” again, safety first … i always use bright lines — as i’ve always used in training — for visibility.  and frankly, whether you’re removing the dark shadow caused by a green long-line in the grass, or removing an orange line, the work is the same.

of course, when the line crosses the fur, and especially if it presses against the body and muscle, the ‘reconstructive’ work can be a little more intensive, but still doable.  if i had the time right now i’d show you some before and afters.

thanks for a fun shoot, Milo, and for being so utterly charming … and Christine, i hope you enjoy your gallery.

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  • PetDoggiesWow! The pictures are really great! They are so nicely shot! I love Milo’s expression the best! It is really awesome and funny! Really thanks a lot for this post! It really makes my day! Hahahahahahahaha! ReplyCancel

  • Meghan GraceI am a VERY newbie for fun photog that has a Nikon d90. i volunteer for SARA Sanctuary in Seguin, TX-a very large no-kill animal sanctuary and am learning how to take the best possible photos of the animals there-to help get them adopted. Your blog, besides making me smile, helps me so much to learn how to take better photos of these wonderful animals. I wish you were closer to take pics of my two babies! Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Joni SolisTotally delightful! By the way, I just found out about this photo editing plugin for removing lines: MV’s Plugins Wire Worm –

    Wire Worm
    This little plugin will help you remove wires and other unwanted objects from your images.

    You might want to check it out. The before and after photos on their site look good. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I did download it and want to get it a whirl.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa BrencisLOL! Love that one snaggletooth!ReplyCancel

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