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more salty scruffies from out east ~ {Canadian pet photographer}

as promised, i’m posting more photos from the trip out to Nova Scotia at the end of April. … figured there isn’t a better way to start the week than with a cold, wet dog …

… or my girl’s butt, perched on a big rock.

… or how about a little, windblown goober mcscruffy?

of course, when i look at these images, i’m so glad to have them, but i gotta admit, it was no walk in the park to actually get them.  the above image was taken under almost zero degrees temps, with — as you can see — some pretty strong winds.  fortunately my shutter speed was high enough that it compensated for merrick’s shivering as he watched my partner and matea off in the distance.

and in all of these images, i’m looking for a large canvas — 5′ wide — for over our bed.  the big red wall has been empty for the nearly two years we’ve been in the new house, so it’s high time.  this one of my girl is definitely a contender … i love her stance and energy here …

… but i had hoped for more water.  ah, decisions, decisions … it’s always easier when i’m helping clients choose their canvas.

either way, i think i need to have this next one hanging up in the studio … although i’ve long ago run out of wall space.  this shot was taken at the side of a back road that our GPS sent us down … huge rock formations with tons of iron deposits.  a wonderful find.  of course, not every back road the GPS took us down resulted in quite the pay-off.  most led us right into someone’s barnyard or eventually narrowed into some rutted, muddy lumber trail better suited for mountain bikes than the poor Matrix.

but eventually we found our way to the beaches … often having to ask the locals since not all of the beaches are very well marked, or marked at all.

i should mention that the goober is real poser … a much different dog than the fearful, abused puppymill boy from a year ago who was terrified of the cameras.  of course, i have to work on his ‘stand’ … anytime i ask him to ‘stay’, he automatically sits, which is great for obedience and taking him places around town.  but for photoshoots, i often prefer a ‘stand’ as a more natural looking stance.

his sister, on the other hand, has got the ‘stand’ down pat … she’s a pro.

of course, i can get the little dude to stand if i take out his ball, but it’s got to be just the right level of energy … too much and he’s barking his fool head off at me, not enough and he’ll just sit there …

of course, merrick would rather be in any kind of water than posing …

and matea would much rather be hunting.  no doubt, the birds were already starting to nest in the grasses, and this is the reason that some of these beaches are “leash” beaches.  it’s only because of the years of training i’ve put into this girl, that i’m able to set the boundaries for her when out in an environment like this and am able to 100% keep her out of the grasses and keep the wildlife safe.

and, as always, with any scruffy dog photoshoot, even those involving my scruffies, there is much running …

but for every minute he spent getting wet, merrick spent double that shivering …

matea is much wiser … she’s a shore hunter, and in the colder weather like we experienced, she pretty much stayed out of the water and is more than happy to sniff around in the sand.

but the mcscruffy … even posing, you can tell by the angle of his ears that all he’s thinking about is the water behind him …

i still have more east coast images to share with you after this entry.  it’s been hard to narrow it down …

oh, and i should note that, yes, i know merrick’s nails are long.  as a grossly neglected puppymill stud dog they were much longer than this when we rescued him a year ago.  they are trimmed weekly in an attempt to force the quicks back.

have a great monday, everyone!

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  • VeronicaThese pictures are absolutely stunning, you are very talented. I like the motion, the colours and most importantly they do show some of the dogs character. Fantastic work, keep it up !ReplyCancel

  • SydneyI absolutely love these photographs and crave to go to Nova Scotia (which is a plan in the summer after this one). All so amazing, the one of Matea running along the beach with the sand dune/hill, amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Annagreat job. Have you tried teaching merrick a “wait” or “pause” I often will do that if they are to be standing. And Luna will bark at me too if I make her wait too long. Just part of working with animals. It was amusing to watch my brother try and take photos amongst our pack of 9 dogs here at the property. I could see why he sticks to weddings/commercial/families, those subjects tend to be more compliant.

    And your boys nails do not look bad at all, I can see where the quick is and there really isn’t much you could even take off even with a dremel let along a clipper. I have seen far worse, and as it’s not your fault (given where he came from) I wouldn’t worry about it.


  • Elizabeth UribeMaybe weather was bad, but the pictures made out for it, all of them are gorgeous. Love how Merrick looks all crazy with his hair all over the place, cute 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Holly Garner-JacksonSuch a great set of images. I wish that you would have had better weather for your trip! Next time, eh? If it was hard to choose from these imagine if you had had a good trip!!!ReplyCancel

  • Susan HumphreysThis set of photos from your trip are absolutely amazing! Love the shot
    of Merrick swimming – gorgeous! Also the one of Matea running along the
    sand is just brilliant.It must be lovely to be able to decorate your
    walls with these wonderful photographs.

    Susan Humphreys

  • VickiWow, they are all stunning! Thank god you had one good day of sunshine, seeing these photos tells me your trip was not a total washout! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • JenniferI love 670 – I don’t think I have seen a shot of him quite like that – but not necessarily to print. But I already posted on flickr how much I loooooove the one of Matea and I think that is the winner for over your bed, without a doubt. It is stunning. Had no idea it was so cold, how totally miserable.ReplyCancel

  • EmileeI’m loving all of the East coast photos! Merrick is adorable when he’s dry, but even cuter when he has the wet, wind-blown look. I love him! Matea sound like such an amazing dog–I wish my dog was that great off-leash!ReplyCancel

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