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another sad goodbye ~ {Toronto, Ontario pet photographer}

i’ve been corresponding this week with Harriet, mom of sweet Bridie, over how to cope with the loss of her sweet girl recently.

when i met this sweet little girl last summer for her photo shoot, she was actually in renal failure and had just gotten out of the vet hospital after a several-day stay.  i’ve said it before on the blog, i’ve had a good number of ‘bereavement’ sessions — shoots for ailing dogs whose owners have been told have very little time — and i don’t know what it is, but all except one of these lovely souls have gone on for months after their shoots … a few even exceeding their vets’ expectations by a year or more.  maybe it’s a little scruffy dog magic … but i think it’s mostly the incredible and deep love that owners like Harriet and Tom have for their pets.

under her mom’s phenomenal care, little Bridie  kept going strong … and we even added a fall shoot to capture her ‘puppy’ cut …

Bridie, and Harriet and Tom, are precisely why i do what i do — clients with such a deep love and unbreakable bond with their dog, and who truly appreciate art versus straight portraits of their amazing little girl.

i’ll be working on their deluxe 12×12 coffeetable album.  Harriet’s been waiting for a while for this one … partly because she’s been too busy dealing with Bridie’s health, and also because she’s been waiting for the new scruffy dog photobooks to be developed.  and now that we’ve got them ready to roll out, Bridie’s is going to be our first deluxe book.  i’m looking forward to revisiting all of this gorgeous girl’s images again and designing Harriet and Tom’s book of incredible memories.

in the meantime, my thoughts are with Harriet and Tom.  i know the house and your hearts feel empty, but i know you two will soon be opening your hearts to another … the kind of love you two have to give can’t keep your house empty for long, and i so look forward to meeting whatever soul is to carry on in Bridie’s memory.

in the meantime, i’m glad that Bridie’s images give you comfort.  i’m so very honored to have met your sweet girl and spent time with her, and to have been chosen to capture these very important memories of her.  big hugs to both of you.

if you want to see Bridie’s past blog entries they can be found here, and here.  and her sneak peek was here.  loads of photos!

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  • KayBridie was a beautiful dog and I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is like losing part of your family, but without you who knows what type of life the dog would have had. Knowing you gave a dog a safe loving home is a wonderful thing. Thanks to your caring, Bridie had a wonderful life.ReplyCancel

  • KarenIt is a such a miserable time. I never stop missing my old boy and girl but it’s wonderful to have those photos of our very special friends. When they’re a bit older, it’s good to have some images of them in their own home and garden, being with their family, doing the things that make them happy and comfortable.ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth Uribeillona, this is so beautiful, I am so sorry for your friends’ loss. I know how devastating these times are when we lose your beloved pets. They are lucky to be able to keep these beautiful photos to remember her by.ReplyCancel

  • Harriet and TomWords cannot express the very moving blog that you have done, Illona, to honour Bridie. The photos you selected capture her so well; we are really touched by your comments about our relationship with her. It is clear that you understand what we are going through in losing our beloved Bridie – and that helps so much.

    We are grateful to Bridie for so many things – among them – bringing you into our lives and introducing us to “scruffy dog magic”. We have always loved the photos that you have done – now they bring us comfort as we mourn the loss of our special girl.

    Big hugs for all you are doing to help us honour Bridie.

    Harriet and TomReplyCancel

  • Meghan GraceWhat a beautiful tribute to a precious soul. I’m sorry for their loss. Very sad.ReplyCancel

  • AnnaSo sad, they seem to come in waves eh? Simply wonderful images as usual. I must see those “woods” one day.

  • Liz KayeIllona,

    You are one talented photographer and writer and I love looking at your images.

    Harriet and Tom were very lucky to have found you to record Bridie’s images. They will be able to look at them for an awfully long time.

    Liz Kaye

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