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blame me ~ {Ontario pet photographer}

so, yeah … we all thought — perhaps a little naively or optimistically — that spring was here.  we could see the lawn … little glimpses of green and the promise of a new, and much-needed season.  we’d started to address the landmines in the back yard and fantasized about walks every single morning, undaunted by icy sidewalks and snowdrifts.  hell, i swear i even spotted happy little buds on the branches of some of the shrubs at the very back of the yard yesterday while staring out the back window during a business call.   again, though, it could have been my eyes — colluding with my overly-optimistic brain — playing very nasty tricks on me.

and then last night happened.  they said it would snow, but …

needless to say, the dogs were probably more surprised, as they were too busy napping to catch the weather report on the evening news.

merrick was not fond of the sudden reversal of seasons.  in fact, he hurried his pooping, but returned to the door without peeing.  poor bugger had to be sent off a second time …

i’d hazard to say we have over a foot on the back deck which was dry as a bone yesterday …

of course, i should have known already a week ago that this was going to happen … after all, that’s when i’d booked my appointment for today with Toyota to have my winter tires switched for my summers.  bad dog.

so, if anyone is to blame for this renewal of the winter season, it’s me.  sorry folks.  perhaps, to counteract this, i should drag out the lawn mower and start it up?  or wait, maybe that would only make things worse?  no, i think i should go buy a snowblower … this mess’ll melt before i even get that beast gassed up!

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  • JennyPicture of Merrick by the door… great expression 🙂ReplyCancel

  • scoobieDid he pee? How did he know that’s what you wanted him to do?ReplyCancel

    • illonayes, scoobie, he peed. he’s a good boy. merrick went from puppymill dog who didn’t know how to live in a house and would literally hold his pee for 16 hours, wouldn’t pee in the yard, to today — peeing on command. he was the toughest dog i’ve ever trained in that regard, but he’s got it. i watch from the back window … i’m sure he wonders how it is i know whether he’s whizzed or not … and if he comes to the back door without having done his business, i simply tell him: “did you pee? you need to go pee. go do your business.” and off he goes to get the job done.ReplyCancel

  • Susan HumphreysMakes a great backdrop for a photoshoot of your pack though!

    Susan Northampton EnglandReplyCancel

  • Jean (allegro ::)Silly, silly! We always get a snowfall in April 😉ReplyCancel

  • Patlol…………I’m sorry for all the snow, but couldn’t help laughing about having to send Merrick back out to pee……………………..ReplyCancel

  • DarleneYour writeup is hilarious…please do go buy a snowblower and next time get your tires changed in July! lol Wonderful shots of the dogs enjoying our renewed winter!ReplyCancel

  • JenniferSlightly (severely) jealous here. We only got 3 inches. Barely enough to make Blue happy or the skiing decent again.ReplyCancel

  • Holly Garner-JacksonYup, too optimistic! Too early to remove snow tires girl! You live in Canada, remember? Great shots of you wild things romping into the storm!ReplyCancel

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