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lolli! ~ {Toronto pet photographer}

wouldn’t every Monday be so much better if they could all start with puppies!?  well, i certainly can’t help you out with every Monday, but this Monday i can certainly help you out with a smile or two.

you met Lolli first in her sneak peek, but i thought i’d share a few more images from the Winter segment of her Winter/Summer session …

i started off the session with a little fetching with one of the Cuz balls that i brought along.

this little girl is going to turn into a consummate fetcher … and even at 12 weeks of age, she’s got a good recall.

we had a fun time out in the fresh snow, just a couple blocks up from scruffy dog studio …

i can’t wait to see this girl in a few months, running through the grasses and fields …

of course, being a puppy, Lolli loves to chew …

she tries to be all innocent … like: “oh, i won’t destroy this lovely little shrub”

… but that never lasts long.  rawr!!  Lolli the destroyer!

Lolli is Maria’s first dog, and they’ve already got her in training.  i think she’s going to grow up to be a wonderful girl.

it will be fun to watch her grow up through her photo sessions …

thanks for a fun afternoon, guys.  i hope you enjoy your preliminary gallery, Maria.  looking forward to seeing you guys again in the summer!

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  • jessOh i love these!! It reminds me of my pup when she was little and romping through the snow 🙂 CUTE CUTE CUTE! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • LainerShe is adorable, and looks os innocent! LOL!ReplyCancel

  • TrixWow, I love all your photos but these are just too beautiful! I really look forward to your posts and admire your work. Lolli is just beautiful and you have captured her so well. Her feet remind me of big polar bear feet. Take care and keep spreading the pet love.ReplyCancel

  • Jean (allegro ::)Makes me make a happy face :))ReplyCancel

  • Lori E.She’s precious! And what HUGE feet! The first photo is my favorite. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Holly Garner-JacksonSuch amazing work! I know it would be hard for me to choose. You are just toooooooo good!ReplyCancel

  • illonathanks so much, everyone. so glad people are enjoying this little dollface.

    of course, now i’m wondering if i should have spaced out the cuteness … maybe spread Lolli out over the week so we could smile every single day. 🙂 … she’s pretty darn infections, ain’t she?

    Serena, honestly, i didn’t even think about the challenge until i got home and started post work. then i was like: “d’oh, this one’s new!” lots of white balance issues … i don’t mind a little bit of blue cast on the snow but not too much. lots of playing around with colors and tones … but i had a blast. as for the light … when i saw it coming through the trees, i knew i had at least a little magic on my side. 🙂

    thanks again, all.ReplyCancel

  • ChristineBeautiful! Simply Beautiful!! Thank You for bringing a smile and warmth to my heart after a long day at work!! Nothing like a puppy to melt all the days stress away!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • SerenaWhite dog on white snow, you like a challenge:D Totally nailed it. Gorgeous light.ReplyCancel

  • Jackieyou just made my week, let alone monday! what a beautiful puppy! really loving the blue tones in the shot where shes looking up from the bush.ReplyCancel

  • MarlaI can’t pick a favourite from these – they are all equal parts gorgeous and adorable. Lovely lighting, Illona. Just gorgeous work!ReplyCancel

  • Katie Hyou’re a brilliant photographer, illona – you really are.ReplyCancel

  • Jenniferok all your shoots are great but i can’t even pick a few favorites from this one. puppy cuteness overload and amazing light! how will the owners ever decide? impossible not to get a massive book with all the photos.ReplyCancel

  • SarahSo freakin’ cute!!!! So glad they are documenting their first doggy with you!ReplyCancel

  • hollyWOW WOW WOW! I keep meaning to email you! Seriously amazing work. I look so so forward every day to seeing new stuff from you! This post definitely made me smile on this Monday morning!ReplyCancel

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