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baby, it’s cold outside ~ {Ontario pet-exclusive photographer}

if you’re in Ontario, everything’s looking pretty white now.  i hope you’re all enjoying the latest snowfall …

… staying warm …

and keeping your balls safe.

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  • Liz ~ elizabeth&janeSo cute – I love your comment about “keeping your balls safe” hahahahaReplyCancel

  • S. DLove it 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Michael HowieLove the winter fun pics – but it sure didn’t feel that fun to me today! When you’re doing post editing what tool do you use for getting the eyes to pop without getting a painted effect? And are you clone stamping in the leash removal/touch ups?

    I’d love to have you in for a session with my guys on photoediting – you do such masterful work!ReplyCancel

    • illonayeah, Michael, “fun” if you’re a dog with four-paw drive vs. trying to navigate the mess on the roads, for sure.

      some photographers use the brush in Photoshop to work on the eyes, claiming that Lightroom’s adjustment brush doesn’t work as well for them. but i love LR’s adjustment brush and because i have such volume of images and so many times i can’t resist tweeking the eyes, it makes more work-flow sense for me to do it in LR than export into PS, then back again. also, with LR’s adjustment brush, it’s a matter of choosing just the right amount of feathering needed … i.e. for clean catchlights, not a lot of feathering (maybe 15), to bring more light into the iris i might use a little more feather (maybe 40ish). and the once you lay down your areas with the brush, you can use the sliders to adjust the amounts. of course, this all becomes second nature the more you work with it.

      the thing is, you can’t accentuate what isn’t there. if the eyes are in complete shadow and you’re putting in fake catchlights, well, that’s what they’ll look like. at least the ‘bones’ have to be there as you see in the previous blog entry.

      removal of leashes … i definitely do this in Photoshop … clone-stamp. LR’s cloning/heal tool is only good for minor stuff. and i don’t usually remove leashes until we go to print, otherwise i’d be at this forever! 🙂ReplyCancel

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