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another article about vaccinations

the subject of vaccinations is one i’ll likely revisit numerous times on the blog since it’s one that comes up a lot during client shoots and via emails from fans on facebook or followers of the blog or flickr.  so when a new vaccine article came up yesterday through the Only Natural Pet Store newsletter, i thought i should share it here … (and of course, no scruffy blog entry would be complete without at least a little eye-candy) …

the latest vaccine article — The Vaccination Overview —  is written by Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM and is a must-read for any pet-owner.   it’s also been added to the The Truth About Vaccines page at the bottom of the scruffy dog blog.

the article is a great all-around overview, highlighting some of the advances made in the thinking regarding vaccination protocols … at least, advances with some vets.  For instance:

Multiple studies have shown that the vaccines for parvovirus, canine distemper, and feline panleukopenia provide extremely good, long-term protection from disease—8 to 10 years or more. This is true whether your pet received the puppy or kitten series (with the last vaccine given at or after 16 weeks of age), or for older animals after a single vaccine.

as the caretaker for your 4-legger(s) and their only voice, please take the time to educate yourself on the need for vaccines, but also the very real dangers of vaccines and over-vaccination.  as most of you already know, the original “scruffy dog” was lost at the age of only 4 years because of vaccines given at a time when he should not have received them.  as such, it is a subject very close to my heart.

and as Dr. Hofve writes:  “As much as we all love animals, nobody cares about your pet as much as you do—so it’s up to you to do the right thing!”

Note: although the Only Natural Pet Store is US based, it is a great resource for articles and information.  check it out sometime.

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  • illonawendy, i’m sorry, i don’t know the exact studies they are referencing … you could do some googling and see where that takes you.

    holly, let us know how it goes.

    sweetpea, SO glad to hear these posts have made a difference in your approach to your dog’s vaccines. if i can make even just one person question their vet’s protocol and put their dog’s health first, and – as such – potentially save a life, it’s all worth it.

    just bear in mind that a lot of vets are frustratingly slow to come to this growing understanding of the dangers of vaccines and the move to less-is-more and first-do-no-harm. you might receive conflicting advice from your current vet. it has taken me several years and even more vets to find the right ‘fit’ for me and my dogs … vets who finally see the light.ReplyCancel

  • SweetpeaOh my goodness, you are a JOYFUL voice on these vaccination issues and I am grateful that you do not let them rest!! THANK YOU for (always) including these splendiferous photos that grab my heartstrings. Want you to know that I have actively engaged in conversations with our vet about this very topic, prompted by your thought provoking posts…so,


    Christi, and her Isla dawgReplyCancel

  • Holly Garner-JacksonThanks illona! I’m going to print this article and take it to Ralph’s vet and the vet that gave him all the vaccine’s when he was so emaciated! I’m going to call around to get prices on titering!ReplyCancel

  • wendyThanks for that link Illona. Do you know how to find the studies that they reference?ReplyCancel

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