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miles makes me smile ~ {Ontario pet photographer}

i’m finally able to present to you more of Miles than just his sneak peek …

this little guy is a riot …

and lots of fun to work with.

of course, maybe it helps that i know terrierists … just a little.

Miles hails from Tennessee … picked up as a stray, housed for months at a boarding kennel while attempts were made to find his owner, and finally a rescue group down there found room for him … at which point he found himself on the terrier-train of rescue transport all the way up to Ontario into a failed-foster home where — in spite of much interest in the boy — foster-mom Ingrid simply couldn’t give the boy up.

and after traveling miles and miles to be with new mom Ingrid and the rest of his pack, well, you can understand how he comes by the name.

i had a great time with Miles and photography-enthusiast Ingrid as we traipsed her parents’ property looking for photo-ops …

you gotta admit, he’s a pretty talented little dude.

and of course, no dog escapes a scruffy dog photo session without a butt shot … at least, no dog this cute.

but any model who works this hard definitely earns the delicious scruffy dog treats.

of course, it wasn’t all posing.  there was crazy running …

… and checking out new trails.  don’t you just love that little upside-down apostrophe of an ear?

… and checking the sky for birds.

…and did i already mention the delicious treats?

from there — as the sun was setting and casting a lovely pink hue across the sky — we found a small floating dock down on the river behind Ingrid’s house.

Miles wasn’t too certain about the sloshing sounds the dock made, though.

… so i had to work on his confidence a bit and take my time with him in this new situation.

mom helped too.

i just love the look in this boy’s eye … “I’ll sit here, but i’m not going to like it.”

he was far more comfortable in one of his favorite positions: tucked in the crook of his mama’s arm.

of course, i decided to have a little fun with him and Ingrid …

she sure loves this little wirey boy.

it was dusk as we headed back to the house, but in spite of the low light i wanted to work with Miles and these few flowers on the walk home.

exactly how adorable is he?  i mean, really?

and finally home … a little chillin’ …

… a little dancin’ …

making sure the house is secure …

those are busy paws.

and of course, ever pack needs a strong leader …

thanks, Miles, for being one of the most adorable clients ever.  and thanks, Ingrid, for introducing me to your wonderful little man.  i hope you enjoy your gallery.  see you soon!

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  • IngridMiles is one of the most special dogs I have ever met…. the photos are absolutely amazing….. and I am so lucky to have him!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Sandy & RykerOMG. isn’t he a little spitfire! Ingrid made a good choice there!ReplyCancel

  • Ella's Dog TreatsThose are fantastic photos of Miles. I liked the one with the flowers best. You have inspired me to go out and take some pictures of my new puppy.
    from Ella.ReplyCancel

  • UtskiWow! Those are wonderful! Several times I thought “oh this is my favorite” just to scroll down and find a new “favorite”
    You do amazing workReplyCancel

  • Artur JanyI love the fence pole shots!! Amazing!!ReplyCancel

  • sarahthese are SO great illona!!ReplyCancel

  • AnitaThat first one on the fence is TO DIE for!ReplyCancel

  • leesiathese are gorgeous!! what a sweet girl. so many awesome ones i can’t choose a favorite.(can’t believe her balancing skills!)ReplyCancel

  • Lori E.I love him! What a lucky little guy (and that name! perfect!) Beautiful photos; I think this is by far my very favorite set. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • JeffOnce again, so marvelous! My faves are the one where Miles is standing on the post and looking to the right over his domain and where mom is holding Miles in the crook of her arm. That one got me choked up.

    Sometimes I wonder if you realize how great of a dog photographer you are.

    Good stuff, great stuff.ReplyCancel

  • Susan HumphreysThese photographs are just adorable. I love the ones with his pack on the
    sofa looking at him. I love terriers. Your photos just get better and
    better. Your clients are so lucky.ReplyCancel

  • IdilThat third photo of Miles and his mama is so beautiful! I wish I had a photo of me and my Odie like that… *sigh* That just needs to be on the wall. I also love Miles running like crazy, being the pack leader, balancing on the fencepost… Oh, who am I kidding? I love them all!!! Adorable little dude. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Holly Garner-JacksonLove the Fleur de lis butt pattern he has. So many great shots! This boy really does shine! No wonder she couldn’t give him up. Illona you have done this boy proud….. as if there was any doubt! Ha!!!ReplyCancel

  • LoriWhat a wonderful series of shots ~ both the outdoors & indoors ones! I do, indeed, love his ears, but I was also taken with the straight-on rear end shot showing the cool pattern of tan fur against the black and white. (Of course his eyes are his sweetest ‘part’ and you captured his personality so well)ReplyCancel

  • Chris Hawkinsall i can say is that terriers are probably the best dogs in the world.ReplyCancel

  • bublynskiOMG – Miles and Scruffydog are a match made in heaven!! What a personality, and it really shines through. I could never choose among these – they’re all wonderful. Those shots on the fencepost – what a good dog! I love all of these!ReplyCancel

  • eloiseOH MY GOODNESS. These are so beautiful. My favourite set of yours ever.ReplyCancel

  • SimonFantastic! What a character. Great light, outside and in.ReplyCancel

  • katehow is she possibly going to narrow these down? they’re all wonderfully fun.ReplyCancel

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