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did you feel that?

at 1:45 today, southern Ontario and western Quebec experienced a 5.5 earthquake … sure, not much by California standards … but it sure rocked the scruffy dog studio and certainly had me wondering if i’d had one coffee too many this morning!

as for the scruffies (and scraggly cat) … it was business as usual …


i seriously must work these guys too hard.

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  • Sandy & RykerI thought earthquakes shook you up…did you drug these guys or what?ReplyCancel

  • LizWe felt it – I was at work and it was surreal. crazy! earthquakes in Ontario – who knew??!ReplyCancel

  • bublynskiI just heard about it, went to the Internet to find out more, and there was your post! I’m glad everyone is all right. But hey, I always thought that dogs and cats were supposed to have this uncanny sense about earthquakes far in advance?! I guess yours slept right through it. 😉ReplyCancel

  • DeanneWhen Summer scrabbled to me, I thought she heard a crack of thunder that I missed somehow, but then I saw the ceiling/walls/windows shaking and thought a tree fell on the house or something. That was the longest earthquake that I’ve experienced.ReplyCancel

  • AnitaI felt it too! I thought it was just Autumn scratching herself at first (which can also be a house rumbler!)…but then it sort of just kept going and got more intense! She was surprisingly calm during the whole ordeal, the kitties were poofed up though!ReplyCancel

    • illonawhen i felt the first rumble i thought matea was standing behind my office stair, leaning as she normally does when she wants out or wants food … then i looked over and saw all three beasts fast asleep, and was like: “wha?!”

      the rumbling had stopped, then started again … that’s when i started to wonder if i’d taken too much caffeine this morning. finally googled …ReplyCancel

  • michelle & marcoOMG so that’s what it really was!! I thought, no, no, it couldn’t have been…ReplyCancel

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