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oriana’s a momma

meet oriana …


these photos were taken exactly one week before she popped.  grandma Sue was expecting lots of puppies but not quite as many as she’s helping to nurse right now.


twelve squirming white fuzz balls … i heard them just now over the phone as Sue got the formula ready for them!  Oriana had fourteen but, unfortunately, two didn’t make it, and the delivery wasn’t easy … a C-section was required and the milk has been slow to come … so grandma Sue has been up through the nights feeding the babies.


i’m glad we were able to get these shots of momma before she burst … a lovely, late afternoon before i had to rush off to training class with Merrick.



and let me tell you, at one week before popping, this girl was taking her much-needed breaks during modeling …








you’ll be seeing more of Oriana and big brothers Chance and Theo soon … and of course, puppies!!!  but this first photo shoot was just for momma.  can’t wait to meet them all, Sue!   … and see this sweet girl again.


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  • Lisa MoffatWhat beautiful photos of a beautiful girl! We are the lucky one’s to have Oriana, Chance and Theo (and 9 beautiful fuzz balls!) living right next door to us….I saw you out there today with the camera, CAN’T WAIT to see the results! I’m SO impressed with your work….I need to set up a date for you to come see my “babies” too!ReplyCancel

  • MeredithShe is beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • MichelleWhat a beautiful girl! I kept thinking, Ooh, I love THIS one best, until I’d scroll down to the next. This girl is photogenic! Can’t wait to see the next installment.ReplyCancel

  • Jenniferso many good ones, I love 102 and 104. Can’t wait to see the pups, oh my.ReplyCancel

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