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get your christmas on!

okay, everyone … i know this is a photography blog … so what’s a video doing here?  well, i simply can’t resist.

like me, you’ve probably seen this one before — with over four million hits on youtube, who hasn’t?  — but i swear, even if you have seen it, it’ll still put a huge smile on your face.  and if you haven’t, well, enjoy!!

i LOVE this dog’s spirit!  (and do watch the whole thing … the best segments are around 1:20)

now, are we all ready for snow?  cheers!

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  • TailsHahahaha love it!! We dont get snow here 🙁 but I always wondered what my dogs would do if they saw snow 🙂

    There’s another video of a cat’s first encounter with snow, the talking is a bit annoying (“KITTY KITTY KITTY KITTY”!), and its not as funny as your vid, but the ginger cat is cute 😛

  • DenisI hadn’t seen that one yet. Hilarious! That is definitely a lot of snow. I was loose my basset hound in there for sure. Thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • MargaretPlowing and jumping through the snow like that is a TON of work! Yet Bailey is still happy and doesn’t look a bit winded. I wonder if he slept well after that workout? (I’d be exhausted!!!) I went snowshoeing a couple years ago in snow a bit deeper than that, and wow! that’s a lot of work! It was fun, but both my brothers and I, and the dog, all took a nap afterwards. 🙂ReplyCancel

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